Our New Ray of Sunshine: Make P:rem’s Blue Ray Sun Line

For the sun-savvy, UVA and UVB are familiar acronyms that describe two of the most predominant waves of radiation emitted by the sun, and with good reason! Both varieties of UV rays have been the main target of suncare products, as they pose the largest threat to overall skin health. Overexposure has been shown to develop into skin cancers without proper protection and preventative steps. Luckily, current sunscreens and sunblocks easily reflect, bounce, and scatter UV rays away and off of skin.

However, another less-recognized form of radiation is beginning to be considered hazardous to skin: Infrared waves or IR. Many sun products neglect to address and prevent the effects of IR, but Make P:rem’s newest innovative Blue Ray line provides IR defense and treatment on top of UVA/UVB protection.

What is Infrared Radiation (IR)?

Infrared may best be known to everyone as that nifty camera technology that allows one to “see” in the dark with heat mapping. A bright yellow-orange or dark red spot indicates the presence of a warm body amongst the cooler blues and greens of a dark night. Essentially, that is exactly what IR is all about: heat. IR is most generally experienced as the heat and warmth literally radiating from the sun.

Why should you care about IR?

Of the sun’s energy that skin absorbs, IR accounts for over half of that radiation. The sun’s heat energy is often overlooked as a naturally healthy occurrence, and UVA/UVB rays are blamed for sunburns and overheating. While UVB rays are the main culprits for sunburns, the overall heating of the skin due to IR is an invisible threat to skin. Since IR waves are much longer and larger than both UV waves, they are able to penetrate the deeper layers of skin, breaking apart collagen and accelerating signs of photoaging such as wrinkles and dark spots.

A Sunscreen that does it all

The best suncare products provide adequate UVA/UVB protection while also addressing the negative effects of IR. The best way to defend skin against IR is through physically blocking the waves with mineral ingredients while also reducing skin’s temperature and heat. Make P:rem’s new Blue Ray line presents skincare innovation that not only helps to scatter all 3 types of radiation, but also helps to cool the skin’s surface, mitigating IR’s overheating symptoms.

Texturally, the three sun products in the Blue Ray line are quite different from each other, and it all comes down to a matter of preference, lifestyle, and skin type. What they all have in common is optimal hydration, a non-greasy finish, and immediate cooling effect on your skin. It’s almost like a portable and instant air conditioner for your skin!

Make P:rem’s original orange-capped Capsule Sun Gel is already one of our most-beloved products even with its ultra-lightweight texture, high SPF, and invisible finish. The new Blue Ray Sun Gel is a close cousin to the orange cap, but with major differences in the overall feel. Straight out of the pump, the Blue Ray Sun Gel looks creamier, yet it spreads water-thin and ‘water breaks’ (kind of like the Jelly Pack!). What that effect refers to is the formulation’s ability to pull apart from itself to form refreshing dew-like droplets on the skin that instantly cool down the skin while deeply hydrating. The Blue Ray Sun Gel is best suited for makeup lovers in search of a priming SPF and a thin gel that reapplies easily over makeup during the day!

The Blue Ray Sun Cream is a half-physical, half-chemical hybrid sunblock that melts seamlessly into skin without leaving behind a white cast. Similar in texture for the orange Natural Sun Cream, the Blue Ray Sun Cream exceeds the traditional sunblock with its tingling, cooling sensation and easy-to-spread formulation. The physical mineral filter effectively blocks sun radiation, while the chemical screeners make the texture easy to spread.

Lastly, Make P:rem introduces their first ever Sun Fluid – a liquidy sunblock in a never-before-seen slippery, milky texture. Best for full-body coverage when you’re at the beach, or working out in the sun, the Sun Fluid was designed for both face and body, as sunblocks created for larger areas of skin are generally thicker and more cream-like in texture. Once spread across skin, water is actively repelled from the skin, forming small droplets.

The Bottom Line

There is no such thing as practicing too much sun safety. Cover all your bases with Make P:rem’s Blue Ray line for a full defense, a complete coverage, and the added bonus of skin-cooling technology in never-before-seen textures. Here’s a visual guide of every single one of Make P:rem’s sun products:

From L-R: Capsule Sun Gel, Blue Ray Sun Gel, Natural Sun Cream, Blue Ray Sun Cream, Blue Ray Sun Fluid

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Get your safely sun-kissed glow on,
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