Our Fave K-Beauty Trends Of All Time

It’s hard to believe that four years ago K-Beauty was still relatively unknown to most Americans. Sure, BB creams might have been a word people had heard floating around, but, as a whole, Korean Beauty was considered a passing trend. Nowadays it’s one of the most popular,  coveted skincare categories in beauty stores. It’s led to a cultural shift to skincare awareness, affordable products, and of course, the cutest packaging possible.

We’d like to think we had a helping hand in that success. Glow Recipe was founded four years ago with the goal of curating the best, most advanced products Korea had to offer to make it beyond easy for shoppers to transform their skin with the power of K-Beauty.

With that in mind, take a trip with us down memory lane as we look at the best K-Beauty trends of the last four years. Keep reading to find out what made our list, then tell us what you think of them.

Glass Skin


We believe in transparency in all aspects of life, and skincare is no exception. Glass skin refers to a clear, smooth as glass complexion. Basically, it’s skin that’s poreless, dewy, and as close to a newborn baby’s skin as is humanly possible. To score your own glass skin, our Glow Recipe Glass Skincare Kit contains all you need to get your glow on. The 7-step process helps you cleanse, tone, mask, moisturize, mist, and protect for gorgeously glassy results. Or, if you’re strapped for time or are a skincare minimalist, try this easy glass skin hack

7 Skin Method

While it might sound like overkill, the 7 Skin Method is really easy to do and can give you amazing results almost immediately. It entails applying your favorite essence toner seven times in a row with the goal of maximizing your skin’s hydration. Basically, you apply it as you usually would, pressing it into the skin, then repeat that step six more times. It might seem counterintuitive, but layering it actually makes your skin look extra glowy and feel soft and plumped. It works to revive and refresh tired, dehydrated skin, especially post-air travel to renew jet lag-ravaged skin. One to try: ID.AZ Dermastic Essence helps repair sensitive, parched skin while restoring its moisture barrier. It leaves you soft and radiant, thanks to its lightweight, watery texture that instantly sinks in.

Masking Everywhere


While turning to the passenger next to you on the plane and seeing her (or him!) wearing a sheet mask would have been extremely rare four years ago, now, we’d barely bat an eye. And, with invisible sheet masks like our Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask, you can apply a treatment to your skin while you drive, fly, or sleep and no one will be the wiser. Heck, we’ve worn ours everywhere from the office to the grocery store. It’s also infinitely portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go, and won’t have to worry about making a mess when you are trying to apply it. It really is a wear anywhere and everywhere beautifying treatment.



Every skincare addict worth her weight in sleeping masks is familiar with the perfecting power of acids. Alpha-Hydroxy, Beta-Hydroxy, and L-Ascorbic Acid (known respectively as AHA, BHA, and Vitamin C) are all mainstays in the skincare world. But the latest “it” ingredient is one you might not have heard of before: polyhydroxy acids. They’re a second generation of AHAs and are commonly referred to as PHA’s — the most popular of which is Lactobionic Acid, an ingredient found in many new Korean products, like the Make P:Rem Radiance Peeling Serum. Lactobionic Acid works to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, but with less irritation than you might get with typical AHAs. The reason for this? PHA molecules are larger than AHA molecules, meaning they don’t penetrate as deep into the skin so there’s less chance of irritation. PHAs are great for those of us with dry, sensitive skin because they are gentler and also tend to be more hydrating because they help to attract water molecules to the skin.  

Double Cleansing


It’s hard to imagine a time when people didn’t know what a double cleanse was — it’s become so common that people of all ages and beauty experience either do it or at least know someone who does. But just in case you missed it somehow, double cleansing means using a cleansing oil on the dry skin, then rinsing it off and washing again with a traditional cleanser. For those who wear waterproof makeup and/or have clogged pores, double cleansing is a lifesaver because it completely clears away any trace of dirt, oil, pollution, and foundation. No makeup stained pillowcases! When choosing your double-cleansing duo, look for those that will give you custom skincare benefits, like hydration or clarifying. Yuri Pibu Grante Cleansing Oil is our go-to for breakout-prone babes; the green tea-infused formula gently removes makeup to keep skin balanced and fresh. Afterward, splash on our Blueberry Bounce Cleanser to damp skin and rinse well — especially around the hairline, where blackheads can crop up if makeup gets stuck in that area. This wash hydrates the skin without stripping it of its natural oils, helping to combat blemishes and breakouts over time. It also helps the rest of your skincare products work even better.

What K-Beauty trends do you swear by? Tell us in the comments!

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