7 Beauty Resolutions for Your Glowiest Skin Yet

It’s day two of 2018, which means you’ve likely set out some goals for yourself to achieve in the next 364 days. But we all know sticking to them is easier said than done. That’s why, this year, we’re committing to making tiny beauty tweaks that are surprisingly easy to manage and actually make a huge difference in how you look and feel. Here’s exactly what the Glow Recipe team is doing to get—and keep—luminous, healthy skin all year long. Take notes!


“I resolve to write the date of opening on the bottom of every product I use. This little tip not only helps to keep track of expiration dates (most opened products should be tossed after a year, even if it has not reached its expiration date), but also helps track how quickly you use product. I’m currently tracking how long it will take me to finish a bottle of the new jumbo-sized Deep Rich Essence Toner ($67)!” —Christine, co-CEO & co-founder


“My 2018 beauty resolution is to add a toner to my skincare routine! I usually go straight for an essence after cleansing, but I need a little more moisture and prep in these cold winter months. I can’t wait to try the LJH Grow Hyal B5 Toner ($30) and the 7 skin method to give that boost of hydration.” —Stevie, senior PR manager


“I am surprisingly terrible at sheet masking. The ever-growing mountain of sheet masks in my refrigerator has now overtaken the majority of the top shelf, space usually reserved for a carton of eggs. I have nothing against the texture or the results of sheet masks. I’m just lazy. In fact, I love the Blossom Jeju 2-Step Petal Masks ($6) and the Make P:rem Safe Relief Moisture Mask ($5) but I can’t be bothered to put one on for 15 minutes. That’s why this year I am realistically challenging myself to use at least one sheet mask per week. Even though January is our month of #30DaysofMasking, I’m aiming for at least 5 days of masking this month.” — Cathycontent and social media manager


“My resolution for year 2018 is to make time and give my skin more love. Even if it is an extra minute in the morning and evening, I’m trying to treat myself and my skin. The Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum ($49) will do just that because this hybrid serum-moisturizer will do it all in a flash!” —Janet, graphic designer


“My 2018 skincare resolution is to start using eye cream on a daily basis. It’s never too early to start preventing fine lines from creeping up! I find that, out of my whole routine, I usually forget to use eye cream because I either have a hard time finding one I like or I can’t decide where I want to incorporate it into my routine.  I’ve tried a ton in the quest to find the perfect one. My favorite so far is the ID.AZ Dermastic Eye Cream ($64) since it is super gentle and hydrating.” —Alison, assistant marketing manager


“My beauty resolution is to achieve truly glowy skin that stays radiant even under my everyday makeup. I wear a full face—primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, eye makeup—the whole shebang on a daily basis (I know it’s a lot but I’m just as much of makeup junkie as I am a skincare junkie). As hydrating as my skincare routine is, it doesn’t prevent my foundation from clinging to the dry areas around my nose, and I have a major problem with foundation rubbing onto my glasses. I’m in search of the perfect primer that keeps my skin hydrated, but also helps makeup glide on and stay on! Normally I’d reach for Jelly Pack ($42) to take care of my skincare/makeup-priming needs, but this dry, blustery winter weather asks for something more rich and creamy. I’m super excited to see if Blithe’s InBetween line will be my perfect answer!” —Roz, marketing intern 


“My 2018 beauty resolution is to get my loved ones excited about skincare. Self-care is something I only recently truly embraced and the results are too amazing not to share. I hope to get my family as excited as I am about treating our bodies and skin right! I’m introducing everyone to the concept of a simple, but targeted skincare routine with the help of the specially-curated trial and routine kits.” — Laura, customer service manager

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