An Onion Moisturizer? Sounds Weird But Is Actually Amazing

How many of you have ever looked at an onion and thought, Gee, I bet that’d be great in a moisturizer? We’re going to go ahead and guess very few of you. That’s because onion, while a cooking essential for flavorful food, isn’t exactly known for its skincare benefits. Well, it’s time you re-thought this go-to veggie because it’s currently taking the Korean skincare world by storm.


But before we get into those skin-perfecting powers, let’s first talk about onion’s health benefits. Specifically, they’re loaded with antioxidants, compounds that help fend off a variety of health concerns caused by oxidative damage, says Lauren Slayton, R.D., the founder of FoodTrainers, a private nutrition counseling service in New York City. “As part of the allium family of vegetables, which also includes chives and scallions, onions are best known for their anti-cancer properties,” she says. “It’s hypothesized that the sulfur content of alliums inhibits tumor growth.” 

Now, in terms of your skin, what really sets onions apart is its sky-high antioxidant content. It’s rich in flavonoids such as Quercetin and Vitamin C; applied topically, those ingredients have a host of skin-health benefits.

Dendy Engleman, M.D., a dermatologist based in New York City, notes that Vitamin C is excellent at helping to relieve dark spots and increasing overall brightness because of its free-radical busting capabilities. “Free radicals are highly destructive molecules that can wreak havoc on your skin and produce a ‘domino effect’ that weakens the skin barrier,” she explains, “leaving it prone to fine lines and wrinkles.”

Quercetin — another major antioxidant found in onion extract — helps to soothe any redness or irritation thanks to its anti-inflammatory prowess. When utilized in skincare, it’s also effective at preventing new wrinkles from forming, says Dr. Engleman, because it destroys environmental free radicals before they can get to the skin. Quercetin may even aid in repairing skin damaged by eczema, she says.


Now, that’s all well and good, but up until recently, onions haven’t necessarily been a common ingredient in skincare. Which is where K-Beauty comes in. There’s been a mini-movement of products either containing or featuring the veggie. One standout that caught our eye was Leegeeham’s new Hope PLC Repair Cream

Formulated as an extra-soothing treatment for people who have undergone laser treatments (PLC = Post Laser Care), this rich cream is safe for even the most sensitive, damaged skin. What makes it truly unique is that it provides three “phases” of repair and recovery.

Phase One utilizes the onion-sourced Quercetin to provide immediate soothing and recovery on the surface of the skin. Phase Two is the regenerative phase — it features a 4GF complex, a.k.a. four growth factors that work in tandem promote skin cell regeneration on every part of the skin, from collagen to actual skin cells. Finally, Phase Three is about moisturizing and protecting by using a mix of cactus stem extract and Vitamin B5.


The result is three major skin healers in one power-packed cream. It imparts healthy skin that is soothed, regenerated, and protected from severe damage. And, because we know you’re going to ask, no it does not smell even remotely like onions. Promise.

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