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Our Guide to Gorgeous Skin for Summer

With the unofficial start of summer just around the corner, the official start of my summertime skincare routine is here. After all, what may work wonders in the wintertime may become superfluous when temperatures and humidity begin to soar.

Of course, my regimen switch-up also has to take into consideration upcoming vacations and overseas travel that necessitate a pared-down, more efficient routine. So I’ll be following these tips to ensure that my warm weather regimen is easy, efficient and escape-friendly, whether for a last-minute road trip for the long weekend, an extended jaunt to an exotic land, or simply a staycation at home.

Pack Light
When I’m traveling, I try to bring as many “disposable” skincare products as I can, whether that means sample sizes of moisturizers or one-time use serums that will help lighten my luggage load as the trip wears on (and my souvenir pile grows). Usually, it’s a bit harder to find cleansers that are “disposable,” but May Island Bubble Bean Cleanser is a genius find. These little cleansing “beans” are little solid balls that you crush and mix with water to reveal a bubbly cleanser. It’s made with mineral-rich, exfoliating Jeju volcanic ash and nutmeg tree extract, a natural astringent and anti-inflammatory, perfect for purging skin of all that oily, sweaty buildup from a day of running around outdoors. Even cooler: The different colored beans focus on different skincare needs — like white for deep pore cleansing, pink for brightening — so you can mix and match depending on how you’re feeling that night.

After cleansing, the last thing you feel like doing before a long day of sightseeing is going through a two-digit-step skincare routine. A sheet mask is a great way to simplify the skincare routine while travelling. Just take along a sheet mask (we love the ultra cooling organic Whamisa Hydrogel Sheet Mask after fun in the sun), apply after cleansing for for a pampering spa experience. After 15~20 minutes simply discard and then pat in excess serum.

Cool Off

Whether you’re heading to the coast for a seaside getaway or meandering inland for a dose of nature, the sun is starting to rev up to its full summertime potential. That means keeping skin cool becomes all the more important (studies have shown that heat can exacerbate hyperpigmentation).

One beauty product I can’t live without — traveling or otherwise — is a cushion compact. It’s pretty much the perfect beauty product in that it provides coverage, protects from the sun, and yes, cools down the skin with its unique hydrophilic puff applicator. It’s also perfect for traveling because of its compact format and spill-proof sponge-soaked-in-foundation formula, and it’s the only effective way I know to reapply sun protection when I’ve got a face full of makeup on. The Yuri Pibu Arpen Aqua Cushion provides all that, as well as skin-beneficial ingredients like galactomyces ferment filtrate, a yeast ferment known for skin brightening (aka, the pitera in SK-II’s cult fave Facial Treatment Essence), and Centella asiatica extract, a medicinal herb rich in flavonoids and fatty acids that has been shown to boost collagen.

Another getaway must-have is a facial mist. Not only does a facial mist cool your skin and provide a nice little pick-me-up — anytime, anywhere — but Whamisa Organic Flowers Olive Leaf Mist provides a shot of much-needed antioxidants, especially important if you’re spending any time outdoors. Even better: The mist does double duty as a post-cleansing toner, so you’ve already shrunk your getaway bag just that much more.

And after spending all day in the sun, you’re going to want to lower the temp even further with Blithe Crystal Iceplant Pressed Serum. Made with 63% crystal iceplant extract, a Saharan plant with great moisture retention as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, the Pressed Serum has a cooling gel texture that doesn’t skimp on the hydration — you’d never guess it’s also formulated with fermented argan and olive oils, it feels that light. Best of all, it’s a serum and moisturizer in one, with fermented radish root, soybean ferment and a huge list of botanicals to nourish and protect the skin, so you don’t have to worry about a prolonged nighttime regimen after a late night out under the stars.

Protect Your Skin

Sure, you may be on a carefree weekend getaway, but that doesn’t mean you should be carefree about your skincare. By now, it goes without saying that a broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must 365 days a year, and this becomes even more important whether you’re on a beach holiday or a wine tasting weekend. Try Dr. Oracle EPL Daily Sunblock SPF50 PA+++, a lightweight sunscreen with a super-high SPF and skin-soothing ingredients like lavender and chamomile.

If you’re one of those who dislike the feeling of sunscreen and the sometimes-white residue it can leave behind, you may like Goodal Mild Protect Sun Essence. It’s another high SPF sunscreen (SPF50 PA+++) but with an ultra-lightweight, essence-like texture that absorbs quickly. After all, sunscreen is only good if you are willing to use it and in sufficient amounts (don’t forget — a nickel- to quarter-size dollop is necessary to get the full SPF protection on your face).

After a day in the sun, even if you stayed in the shade and wore sunscreen, there’s always a bit of UV rays that sneak through or reflect off concrete and sand. So it’s a good idea to ameliorate the damage, post-sun, with a hearty dose of antioxidants (like LJH Vita Propolis Serum) so you’re getting double protection against UVA rays’ most damaging side effects: dark spots and oxidative stress.

After all, isn’t the whole point of a weekend getaway to purge ourselves of stress, oxidative or otherwise?

Get your glow on,

Anna M. Park is the editor of beauty and travel blog

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