Masking in the Office: Glow Recipe Team Roundtable

We’ve reached the halfway point in our #MondaytoFridayMasking Challenge! We needed a boost to get through our hump day, so we got the Glow Recipe team together for a masking roundtable.

It’s Wednesday, aka hump day, and it feels like forever until the weekend. To boost morale, I gathered Glow Recipe team members Sheila, Kim, and Katie for mini masking party where we checked-in on our #MondaytoFridayMasking challenge progress and talked masks.

L-R: Sheila, J, Cathy, and Katie

We each chose a mask suited for our needs (which was winter dryness across the board). Sheila had a mask to detoxify and clean pores. J wanted in on the fun too, so she chose a cute panda mask! Even though Katie and I look like we don’t have masks on, we’ve got hydrogel masks on! They’re easy and discreet if you’re masking on the go.


Cathy: Can I ask what everyone got on the ‘What Mask Are You?’ quiz?

Katie (KH): I got the wash-off pack!

Kim (KP): Me too.

Sheila: I was the rubber mask, which was so me.

C: Did you ladies think that the results match your personalities or your preferences in masks?

KH: I generally don’t use wash-off masks very often. That is, unless they are clay-based.

S: I thought mine was pretty accurate; I love the rubber masks.

C: You filmed the rubber masking tutorial video!

S: [Laughs] Yeah! The description of fun-seeking fits my personality well and I’m lucky that I get work surrounded by them. I like rubber masks because they’re fun and easy, and I can just do like a ‘toss-and-go’ kind of deal.

C: Even taking my own quiz, I was surprised at my result of sheet masks! I definitely identified a lot with the comfort and familiarity from a sheet mask. How would you describe the rubber mask personality?

S: The rubber mask is definitely for someone daring. They have to be willing to try putting rubber on their face!

KH: For me, wash-off packs can be difficult to fit into a routine every night because it takes time and effort.

S: Totally. I use them before I shower so I can wash all of it off easily. Sheet masks are for when I wake up and I can just tell that my skin is really dry. I’ll just throw on a sheet mask and feel hydrated in no time.

KH: With sheet masks, there is definitely this adjustment in your mindset since you’re wearing a mask for 10, 15 minutes. For me, at first, it was hard not to feel a little wasteful.

S: I like the concept of using [sheet masks] longer. It’s the best to put one on and just sit in front of TV to relax.

KH: I agree. Also a high quality mask should stay moist for an hour.

C: I like the sea kelp one – it has such a cool texture.

KP: I want to try a hydrogel mask next!

KH: The Whamisa ones are so great! We’re big fans of hydrogel.

S: They’re so easy and they stay on so well.

K: I appreciate how high quality our hydrogel masks are. They’re made with botanicals.

C: Wait, what does that mean?

S: They’re made out of plants!

KH: Instead of gels that are made from plastics, they have a high concentration of plant extracts and it’s soaked in a full bottle of essence.

C: Wow, that’s a lot of essence.

KH: The reason why hydrogels stay on so well is because your skin warms the hydrogel and it molds and adheres better to your skin.

S: Sometimes I feel like I’m always readjusting to keep a sheet mask on my face.

KH: Did you know that there are these DIY sheet masks that hook around the ear so you can vacuum while masking, or whatever.

C: Speaking of DIY masks, there are stores that sell those sheet mask coins like the Primary Raw ones.

KH: Yeah, those can be so awesome! You can totally make your own masks with a toner, mixed with some of the LJH Vita Propolis Ampoule. Or, you could do the Camellia Seed Oil first and then a mask soaked in essence.

S: The Camellia Oil is actually my favorite thing.

KH: Sheila, looks like its time to remove your mask. You know it’s time to take a sheet mask off when the edges start drying and lifting.

S: I love when Katie starts spewing knowledge.

C: Looks like its time for all of us to take off our masks and get back to work!

Get your glow on,
The Glow Recipe Team

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