Make P:rem’s Minimalist Take On K-Beauty is So Good

Since the beginning of my love affair with K-Beauty, there have only been a few brands that have taken my breath away. In one way or another, every K-Beauty brand does it for me because I’m team #kbeauty247. But then there are those that are different in the best way- those that instantly steal a place in my already-crowded skincare heart. Make P:rem is like that.

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In a true-to-form move, Korea delivered a cool-girl aesthetic I didn’t even know I was craving: an intersection of minimalist design and the innovation of K-skincare. My mind was instantly blown, and it just kept getting better. Make P:rem has some of the most detailed, intricate packaging I’ve seen, and each one is gorgeous and even sort of… ergonomic in the hand. Gotta love that minimalist design influence, y’all.

Make P:rem is short for Making a Pragmatic Remedy. This pragmatism is most evident in the design, though the formulations of each product made me just as excited. The really breathtaking part of these formulas are their unique textures, ingredients, and time saving methodologies, like a 2-for-the-time-of-1 sheet mask and a clay mask that doubles as a cleanser. Browse all the Make P:rem goodness below!

Radiance Cleansing Pack

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This ultra cool tube contains one of the neatest cleansers ever: a two in one clay mask and foaming, skin purifying treatment. I for one never have enough time to stick to my clay masking routine, and this makes it SO simple: slather a layer onto skin you’ve wiped down with a cleansing water, check your Instagram for 3-5 minutes, then hop in the shower and lather up. The balancing formula includes white clay and apple water to minimize oil and clarify skin with a slightly gentler clay base than some of it’s darker counterparts. The best part is that when you know mask also = cleanser, you’re sure not to leave it on for too long and will avoid that dry, stripped feeling other clay masks can leave you with.

Double Effect Layering Mask

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-10-56-20This totally-new sheet mask is similar to the layering ideology behind the K-Beauty routine itself. The Layering Me mask contains two sheets that are worn simultaneously and are soaked in two unique essence formulas that combine to reveal radiant, glowing-from-within skin in one step that’s got double the effect. This intelligent, timed absorption reveals skin that’s noticeably firmed, taut, and hydrated. The effect of one of these masks is equal to that glow you get from spending a day lounging around the house doing a sheet mask on the hour every hour, and it’s WAY easier.

Black Cleansing Water + Black Cleansing Foam

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset#Peatpower! The beautiful midnight-hue of these cleansers comes from an infusion of centuries old, nutrient dense peat water. Make P:rem’s Black Peat Moss Water is sourced from Europe, and acts as a deeply hydrating compound full of skin-essential vitamins and clarifying properties.

Make P:rem’s Micro-Trans Moisture technology helps the hydrating Peat Water to absorb deeply into the skin while cleansing, purifying and dissolving makeup and oils. The Black Cleansing Foam instantly melts makeup and impurities from the skin while calming and nourishing- all while looking decidedly chic.

In-Shower Face Mask

As someone nearly as in love with my evening shower as I am with my K-Beauty routine, Make P:rem’s genius take on the wash off mask feels like it was made for me. Instead of sacrificing precious out of shower time (that’s for sheet masks!), this handy berry and Hyaluronic Acid powered mask allows me to get my hydrating wash-off mask fix in while shaving or deep conditioning.

It’s an instantly hydrating, thick gel texture that adheres surprisingly well to wet skin and stays put until you’re ready to rinse it off. Ideal for those of us who are pressed for time or who can’t get enough masks- that’s a win win.

Stay tuned for more gorgeousness from Make P:rem!
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