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Make P:rem Sun Gels Showdown


When it comes to SPF, there’s really only one important thing to remember: that you wear it. Yes, for many it’s the most dreaded part of their skincare routine. We hear you — they can be sticky and greasy and clog your pores. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Thanks to these two superheroes from Make P:rem, you definitely don’t have to dread the SPF. While both are amazing in their own way,  That leaves one question: Do you try the Blue Ray Sun Gel (the blue cap) or Capsule Sun Gel (the orange cap).

While both these SPFs tout a legit SPF 50++++ rating (the 4 + signs signify extremely high UVA protection — the so-called aging rays), they do have some subtle differences. Read on to discover your perfect protection fit.

Capsule Sun Gel (Orange)


This gel-like SPF’s bottle reads “Moisturizing serum? No! Moisturizing sun block.” Quirky copy aside, the brand has a point. It really does feel like a hydrating serum — something we never thought we’d say about an SPF. This totally clear gel rubs in with the a touch bit of luminosity (though that dries down) and leaves absolutely no white cast. Even better are the skin-loving ingredients worked into this formula. Birch sap, sea buckthorn, ivy leaf, and sunflower seed extract all contribute to its hydrating — but never heavy or greasy — effect. It smells lightly floral, with only trace amounts of the smell you’d typically associate with sunscreen.

Blue Ray Sun Gel (Blue)


Unlike it’s gel-sibling, this is actually an ultra-light cream, that miraculously, also leaves no white cast. Though it looks and feels a bit more like a traditional daytime-friendly moisturizer, as you rub the formulation in, its texture turns almost instantaneously watery — so the gel name isn’t a misnomer. The major perk here is that this formula was specially designed to counteract the damage hot infrared waves (which are different than UV rays) inflict on our skin. This formula works to physically cool down the skin while still providing sun protection — which is just what we need when temperatures climb. In this formula, chia seed extract provides hydration, and niacinamide helps brighten, while centella extract calms and soothes heat-ravaged skin.  

Still undecided? The good news is you really can’t go wrong with either of these revolutionary SPFs. We promise your skin will be all the better for it.

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