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Let’s Get Physical

As someone with dry, sensitive skin, physical sunscreens have always been my jam – even if it was harder to apply, I was willing to sacrifice an unslightly white cast for a sunscreen that didn’t break me out or irritate my skin.

There were minor setbacks of course – the ever present ghostly cast after application and the fact that it took so much rubbing to get it absorbed into skin. (This was especially an issue when applying sunscreen to my little girl who never stays still – she would often go to school with large streaks still on her nose and arms).

When we started testing Make P:rem’s new line of physical sunscreens during formulation last year, we were blown away by the lightweight textures. My personal favorite is the Natural Sun Cream (with the orange cap) as it absorbs quickly while providing lightweight hydration and I’ve been using the large size Blue Ray Sun Fluid for head to toe protection for my whole family.

We also sat down with the chemists behind Make P:rem’s sunscreens to better understand – why go physical?

Really great protection

Physical sunscreens offer really great broad spectrum protection in general and are stable and time-tested. All sunscreens degrade to some degree under contact with direct sunlight (which is where reapplication comes in) and physical sunscreens last longer under direct sunlight than any other SPF option.


Most chemical sunscreens, which protect the skin by absorbing UV rays, take at least 30 minutes to fully absorb before it starts to protect the skin. Physical sunscreens deflect UV rays and start to protect skin as soon as it’s applied.

Cool down

Physical sunscreens, especially sunscreens formulated to protect again IR (infrared waves) also deflect heat along with UV rays, which make it an especially great option for skin that’s prone to redness or rosacea.

Trouble free

Not only are physical sunscreens great for sensitive skin types, they also are non-comedogenic, making them ideal for trouble & blemish-prone skin.
Check out Make P:rem’s line of physical sunscreens below.

For sensitive skin: Make P:rem UV Defense me Natural Sun Cream
For trouble, redness prone skin: Make P:rem UV Defense me Blue Ray Sun Cream
For head-to-toe UV application: Make P:rem UV Defense me Blue Ray Sun Fluid

Get your glow on,

P.S. Want more info on SPF protection? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Sunscreen.

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  • Sophia Jun 11, 2017 10:27 pm

    Zinc oxide, dimethicone, tocopherol, stearic acid and butylene glycol are all comedogenic. All these ingredients are found in natural sun cream.

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