#JellyHacks: Find Your Favorite Way to Use the Jelly Pack

The J. One Jelly pack reflects the cool, clean aesthetic of Ha Jiwon herself. It’s a true supertasker- a term that we love to use to describe products that save us major time while still delivering super visible results.

Below are our #JellyHacks– our all-time favorite ways to use the Jelly Pack!


Ha Jiwon herself recommends spouting some positive affirmations at yourself as you apply the Jelly Pack!

1. All-in-one Makeup Primer & ‘Gripper’

In the mornings, the Jelly Pack can be used to prime the skin before makeup, creating a flawless, hydrated, and smoothed base for foundation. Simply cleanse the face, and pump 2~3 pumps onto your fingertips. Sweep the product onto the face with gentle, upward motions, then gently pat until absorbed. The Jelly Pack leaves the skin dewy and subtly glowing. Apply your favorite SPF to finish off- the pack will absorb the sunscreen slightly, leaving you with a silky smooth visage. From there, apply makeup if desired. The Pack will ‘grip’ the foundation in place all day- seriously. Even our dewiest cushion makeup holds up better with the Jelly Pack!

2. Travel Skincare Minimizer

The Jelly Pack is a godsend on quick trips and longer getaways. We like subbing in the jelly formula for our morning skincare routine, then using a sheet mask each night, making sure to apply the Jelly Pack as our overnight moisturizer. If you’re away for a few days, you could bring along 1 sheet mask per night, your eye cream, and your Jelly Pack for a no-frills supertasking skincare arsenal!

3. Daytime Moisturizing Treatment

There’s no need to apply makeup on top of the Jelly Pack if you don’t wish to. The product was designed by busy actress Ha Jiwon designed the product to plump and firm, moisturizing like a whole evening skincare routine would, in one simple step suitable for the morning. After cleansing and toning the skin with a moisturizing toner if you’d like, pump 2~3 pumps onto your fingertips. Sweep the product onto the face with gentle, upward motions, then gently pat until absorbed. Follow up with your sunscreen for a silky finish.

Use gentle, painterly motions to apply the jelly formula.

Use gentle, painterly motions to apply the jelly formula.

4. Stand Alone Lifting Mask

Whether on a daily basis or before an important event, the Jelly Pack can be used as a firming mask treatment. After cleansing the skin, apply the Jelly Pack in upward sweeping motions, and pat until absorbed, at any time of the day. The jelly texture of the mask instantly melts into the skin, infusing it with plumping fragmented hyaluronic acid. Nobel Prize winning ingredient Fullerene acts as an oxygenating agent to brighten the complexion. The formula is popularly called a “corset mask” in Korea for it’s dramatic lifting and skin-tensing capabilities! After application, skin can be left bare or makeup can be applied.

5. Perfecting Overnight Mask

The Jelly Pack can also be used as a sleeping mask- a popular term used to describe overnight creams in Korea. After cleansing and completing your normal evening skincare routine, layer 3~4 pumps of the Jelly Pack onto the face in gentle, upward strokes, making sure to cover the face and neck. Pat gently until no longer damp, then you’re ready for your beauty sleep! The nourishing formula works overnight to plump and fill the skin with needed hydration. We love this method to banish any persistent fry patches that hang around after blemishes or a bit too much sun!

Let us know how you like to use your Jelly Pack in the comments!

#JellyHacks for the win ?

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