Ingredient Spotlight: Ginger

Well known for being a remedy for an upset stomach, ginger has long been consumed as a healthful and medicinal ingredient with multiple healing benefits. In traditional Asian medicine, ginger is considered a warming food that increases internal energy and improves blood circulation. The warming effects of ginger are best suited for those with cold hands and cold feet. (In the winter, that is practically everyone) The versatile root soothes inside the body with anti-inflammatory properties while also providing energy and vitality.

With such powerful and healthful properties, it doesn’t come as a surprise that ginger is also beneficial and potent addition to beauty products. An underrated and often overlooked beauty ingredient, ginger has recently been featured in beauty products all around the world.

Innisfree distilled ginger’s healing powers into a full line of treatments to deliver nourishment to skin. Ginger oil is packed with nutrition that permeates the skin, promoting a youthful appearance. Its antioxidants are powerful anti-aging agents that also help to even skin tone. The unique Ginger Oil Serum adheres to the skin, creating a healthy, glowing gloss that fights the drying effects of a harsh winter and returns vitality to the skin. The Ginger Oil Warming Mask highlights ginger’s traditional warming properties in a thick and comforting wash-off face mask. As ginger stimulates blood circulation, skin heats ups and allows the product to deeply penetrate the skin for enhanced hydration and nutrition.


Ginger isn’t just an ingredient that is emerging in Korean beauty. Ginger has been found in products all around the world. Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate features ginger oil to protect and defend skin. Origins has an entire line dedicated to ginger-full products that hydrate and protect every inch of skin on your body. Don’t forget to take care of your scalp and hair! Wash and condition with products that feature ginger to promote circulation and hair growth. Finally, ginger’s natural spiciness makes for a unique signature scent as found in fragrances from Jo Malone and Origins.


Adding ginger to your daily routine doesn’t have to end with beauty and skincare. Take care of your inner health with some easy ways to incorporate ginger to your diet. Commonly found in Asian cuisine, ginger brings freshness and brightness to stir-fry dishes and soups. Recently, ginger has become a popular addition to fresh pressed juices, bringing a spicy kick of vitamins and antioxidants. One of my favorite ways to get a daily fix of ginger is to sip on ginger-infused teas during the winter when cold noses and sore throats are far too common.

For all your winter woes, turn to ginger to achieve a glow both inside and out!

Get your glow on,

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