Hydration Cures a Multitude of Sins (…Skin Sins, That is)

It’s a fact as old as the K-beauty wave itself, but it bears repeating: hydration is the key to better skin.

Often, as I talk to customers or people interested in skincare, I recommend multiple lightweight hydrators, regardless of skin type- and I’m met with surprise. They’re surprised for two reasons:

First, most people believe that a moisturizer does all the moisturizing that skin needs just fine.

Second: most people can’t believe that it’s this simple.

Wildly enough, it is. Hydration is the key to better skin. (Say it with me!) The basis of the K-beauty routine, at it’s very simplest, is that you’re layering hydration onto the skin. Starting with the thinnest hydrators- toners and essences- the skin begins to absorb moisture, and these thin treatments are able to penetrate to the innermost layers. From the inside out, these layers begin to slowly fill as each step of the routine is absorbed, until you’re left with a visage that looks like it’s glowing.

Skin is like a sponge- it’s never at it’s best until it’s sufficiently fed the moisture it’s lacking. Somehow, Western skincare fell off the rails and into 3 Step Station, leaving zillions of people thinking that a moisturizer was enough to fill the skin-sponge to the bursting. K-beauty, as a trend and as a movement in beauty, has dispelled this myth. Hydration is the key to better skin, for literally every skin type. As you might know, I have acne prone skin. Hydrating my skin effectively was an essential step in clearing my acne. Those with anti-aging concerns need deep hydration to help plump, fill, and firm the skin- dry skin needs hydration to heal, and oily skin needs hydration to alert the skin itself that less oil production is needed. I’ll type it one more time before you smack me: hydration is the key to better skin, and better skincare, for absolutely everyone.


Specifically: treatments that bind the hydration to the skin, and help the other products you’re loving work even better. Enter the gloriously named Huxley Grab Water Essence. A lightweight, gorgeous essence, the Grab Water treatment is formulated with a whopping 85% of Sahara Cactus extract. Cactus extract is able to naturally help hydrate and bind that hydration to skin. Combined with Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin, this essence sinks effortlessly into the deepest layers of the skin and floods them with hydration.

I look for treatments with these water-binding extracts to apply early in my evening routine, because they actually help the rest of your skincare to absorb better, and maximize the effects of all the potions you already love. Huxley does this with a bit more flair than others I’ve tried: it smells exactly like lilacs and freshly-cut grass, and includes Cactus- an ingredient that I cannot get enough of for it’s soothing + hydrating properties. Evoking a perfect scent-memory of my mom’s lilac bushes first thing every evening is just an added bonus for me, actually. Post pressing this gently into the skin, I’m met with the pleasing, chok-chok, plump bounciness that belies a great hydrator.

At the tail end of a routine, these water binding properties are just as important. The Fresh + More Cream seals and soothes the skin, and the gel-cream texture makes it ideal for those of us who prefer lighter weights. Fresh + More instantly melts into the skin and imparts a dose of soothing botanicals and 65% Cactus extract. The Huxley Hydration duo leaves skin with that ideal, lit from within glow- because hydration has been locked into the skin.

Get your hydrated-Glow on,

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