How to Use an Oil Cleanser

When I first discovered K-beauty, the Oil Cleansing Method was espoused as one of the primary ways Korean and Asian beauty cultures differed from our own.

The concept seemed revolutionary to me as well. Before cleansing oils, I was terrified to wear foundation in fear that it would break me out, mostly due to my own ineptitude at removing it. Now, I love my double cleanse- it’s immensely satisfying to see your makeup melt away, and it’s really an effortless way to completely remove it.

 This paradigm shift in how women think about makeup removal owes itself to the rising popularity of Asian beauty trends in the US. Now, beauty savvy individuals regularly refer to the Double Cleanse- the practice of using a dedicated oil-based cleanser to ‘unhinge’ makeup from the face and following it up with a foaming cleanser. This two pronged approach to makeup removal has changed many a skincare routine for the better!

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First, a word about oils and oil cleansers…

Many people worry about using oils on their skin, but it’s #TruthTime: oil based cleansers work because they dissolve the oils that base makeup is made with. If you’re wearing foundation, chances are it has oil in it- if it didn’t, it wouldn’t adhere to the face without looking powdery. If you’re wearing powder foundation, oil cleansers will be equally effective.

Remember that ‘like dissolves like’- the natural grime that accumulates on our faces is oily as well, meaning that an oil cleanser will slough it away more quickly and gently than a foaming cleanser would due to simple chemistry.

Sebum, for all the woes it causes, is really just trying to protect the skin, and to keep it buttoned up from bacteria and pollutants. When we, as modern people, strip away sebum, we must replace that moisture with skincare. We’ve preached the wonders of a dry-feeling, quickly absorbing dry oil, such as Camellia, before. Oil cleansing promises similar nourishing benefits for all skin types. Oils are amazingly beneficial for the skin, because they’re close to the moisturizers our skin naturally produce. Each and every skin concern will benefit from this surefire method of makeup removal, especially those that are acne and trouble prone.

Oil cleansers are formulated with emulsifiers that turn milky when activated with water, meaning that they rinse completely off. Your skin won’t feel oily after this emulsification. In fact, it will feel softer, and cleaner.

If the idea of an oil based cleanser is still freaking you out, remember: you’re going to wash it off. You’re going to wash all the makeup and residue off of your face with the aid of a gentle foaming cleanser- leaving nothing but glowing skin behind! Therein lies the genius of the double cleanse.

primary raw cleansing foam

We love the Primary Raw Doyouganic Cleanser- it has a self foaming pump that makes double cleansing a breeze!

Our favorite ways to double cleanse: 

Double cleansing should be done in the evening, after a day of makeup wear or a day of being outside. The methodology is simple:

  1.  apply oil cleanser to dry face
  2.  massage to loosen makeup and grime
  3.  rinse with water
  4.  apply foaming cleanser
  5.  massage to deeply cleanse the skin
  6.  rinse with water
  7.  begin your skincare routine

My personal favorite way to double cleanse is right before I shower in the evenings. A quarter sized amount of my favorite Whamisa cleansing oil gets massaged gently around my face, then I step into the shower and emulsify the oil cleanser. From there I can follow up with a foaming cleanser before I wash my hair and get on with my evening. Directly after my shower, I use some hydrating toner, or a sheet mask. Then I follow up with the rest of my skincare routine.

This works equally well standing in front of a sink- just remember to use your oil cleanser first, then follow up with a foaming cleanser. After that, your skin is primed and perfectly clean- the best canvas for you and your skin care to get to work on  ;).

Let us know in the comments how you like to double cleanse!

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