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How-To: Splash Mask in the Shower

On the blog we’ve covered almost every type of mask available from rubber masks, hydrogel masks, to the tried and true sheet mask. One innovation that we have yet to discuss is the splash mask! Recently, splash masks have been blowing up on beauty destinations – Allure, Cambio, Into the Gloss, and the like have all raved about them, touting them as a quick and simple addition to your beauty routine.

What is a Splash Mask?

Splash masks are for all of those who don’t have time for the traditional 15-20 minute masking process. A concentrated liquid with lactic acid for smoothing and glycerin for hydrating, splash masks only need 15 seconds to provide the same benefits as a 20 minute sheet mask. Plus, they come in three different flavors for your specific skincare needs. The Rejuvenating Purple Berry is for elasticity and firmness. The Soothing & Healing Green Tea is for oil control and clarifying pores. Finally, the Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey is for vitalizing and invigorating.

How do you use one?

We get a lot of questions on how to use splash masks effectively. While the official instructions and our previous tutorial show you how to dilute a cap-full of concentrate into a basin full of water and splash the liquid onto the face for 15 seconds, we find that process impractical on days we’re in a rush. Our go-to method is to use it in the shower. It saves time and product so you get the most use out of a single bottle of concentrate.

Beauty blogger Sunina Young walks us through the steps of using the splash mask in your shower!

1.Cleanse your face as you normally would


2. Measure out half cap-full of the liquid


3.Dispense in palms and pat the liquid onto face for 15 seconds; rinse off under the shower stream


Et Voilà! Smooth and radiant skin in no time at all!


Watch the full tutorial here:

Just like any other mask treatment, use your splash mask 2-3 times a week for optimized glowing skin. Here’s a pro tip: when you take a bath, add a capful of the splash mask to your bathwater to soften and smooth your entire body!

Since the splash mask contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), be sure to use a sunscreen after using it!

Get your glow on,

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