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How I Fell in Love with the J.One Jelly Pack

Last year, I turned 30. And like any other person who loves to celebrate their birthday by spending lots of money, I decided to treat myself to a skincare haul (ok, maybe a few skincare hauls).

I’d had my eye on the J.One Jelly Pack for a while, because all the reviews I’d read for it were amazing and I’m easily persuaded to buy anything that will look good on my bathroom counter, because you know, aesthetics over everything. So, I after a few days of going back and forth, I clicked the order button and waited patiently for my package to arrive in Thailand.

Fast forward two weeks later, and my precious package was in my hands. I read the instructions, and was all ready to incorporate it into both my nighttime as a sleeping pack, and in my daytime routine and a makeup primer.

But when I pumped the product onto the back of my hand, I almost recoiled in shock. The texture was unlike anything I’d ever tried in skincare – sticky, tacky, and gluey. Whenever you ask someone to describe the texture of a product, the last thing you want it to be is sticky. But, with all the positive reviews, I just knew that there had to be a method to the madness.

So I tried it, and… I’m going to be honest and admit that initially I did not like it. I couldn’t get over the sticky feeling, and it never really seemed to glide on my skin. It kind of felt like putting a clear glue-like gel over my skin. I tried everything – using it at night as my final skincare step, and attempting to wear it in the daytime underneath my sunscreen and tinted moisturizer. That sticky feeling just never really went away. I was bummed, but figured it was one of those products that just didn’t work for me.

Until one day, I decided I wasn’t going to let a silly skincare product defeat me. I desperately wanted to make it work, so I started experimenting with how I layered it. I was most interested in using it for daytime as a makeup primer, since I’d run out of my own, so that was my first challenge. After some trial and error, I hit the jackpot with the following winning combination:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Hydrating Toner
  3. Moisturizer
  4. J.One Jelly Pack applied while the skin is still damp (the major key)
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Wait 1 to 2 minutes before proceeding with tinted Moisturizer/foundation

The key that made all the difference in the world for me was applying the J.One Jelly Pack while my skin was still damp from the moisturizer. Using this tip allowed me to experience the incredible “foundation glue” effect the product has. It literally grips the foundation to your skin, creating the most gorgeous, dewy look. For me, using the Jelly Pack while the skin is still damp allows the product to really fully absorb into the skin, especially when it is applied with the fingertips in gentle, upwards motions. After that, I allow the product to set for maybe 1 to 2 minutes before I continue with my makeup. Hello chok chok realness!

The J.One Jelly pack really leaves your skin feeling smooth and supple, so makeup application is a breeze. Foundation glides across the skin, and those pores…POOF.

When the J.One Jelly Pack as a primer, my makeup looks natural, like my skin but better. It doesn’t leave makeup dry and cakey like some primers tend to do; it has a very natural, beautiful dewy finish. My blush tends to fade around the 4 to 5 hour mark with regular primers, but that gripping power really allows color to last all day long. If your skin leans towards the oily side, have no fear! Sometimes adding powder to your makeup routine can leave you looking a bit flat, but I can add a bit of translucent powder in my T-zone and somehow, my skin still looks like skin – a very natural matte, if you will. It’s the perfect primer for a natural, skin like finish.

The J.One Jelly Pack does have a bit of a learning curve, but with a few experiments, I was able to make it work for me, and now it’s the foundation of my makeup routine.

Have you ever tried the J.One Jelly Pack? What are your tips? Let us know in the comments!

Get your glow on,

Sheryll Donerson is a Southern California native who fell in love with Korean cosmetics while teaching ESL in Korea 3 years ago and hasn’t looked back. She writes Korean beauty reviews on her blog, The Wanderlust Project, and is a devoted lover of champagne, Nutella, chemical exfoliation and Crossfit.

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