Glow Home: How Being Inside 24/7 Impacts Your Skin

For many of us, life is happening indoors — save for the occasional trip to the grocery store. And though it may seem trivial compared to the breaking news, keeping up with your skincare routine (with some key adjustments) can have a big impact; in fact, a study found that repetitive routines may even alleviate stress and anxiety. That’s why we’re introducing our Glow Home series to offer solutions and tips for how to best care for skin while you’re safe at home.

When you’re home all day, your skin might not exactly be top of mind. After all, how much harm can being indoors for what seems like an actual eternity really do to skin? According to New York City dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD, it could actually be a good thing for skin. “One positive from being indoors 24/7 is that your skin is taking a rest from having a full face of makeup on,” she says. “Your pores get to breathe.” Another perk: You can take advantage of this time to wear a face mask where it wouldn’t otherwise fly, such as during a conference call. The Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask will help you leave a meeting feeling refreshed (and skin, glowing) for possibly the first time ever.

Still, while staying indoors won’t negatively impact your skin, other factors that are common indoors — like, say, your environment — can come into play. First, there’s the issue of regulating the temperature indoors, which means you’re using either a heat or an AC unit. “Having the heat on takes moisture out of your skin,” explains Jaliman. The same goes for air conditioning, which, she says, can lead to dry and even irritated skin over long periods of time.

The obvious fix is to moisturize well, as “fine lines and wrinkles look more prominent when your skin is dry,” says Jaliman. Try the Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream; with electrolyte-rich banana and centella asiatica, it’ll keep dryness at bay without you having to sacrifice a comfortable temperature.

A humidifier can also be helpful to prevent dryness and flaky skin. “The added moisture from a humidifier also helps your skin from looking aged and can get your skin glowing again,” says Jaliman. And on the subject of a healthy space, let’s talk air — because indoor pollution happens, too. You could invest in an air purifier or consider adopting a plant that does the same. We love a snake plant, which is impossible to kill.

While tweaking your environment goes a long way, what you do within it counts for a lot, too. If your usual routine has been entirely upended, establishing a few consistent habits within your regimen can restore some sense of normalcy. (They’re easy, we promise.)

First, take a deep breath. It’s easy to fall into shallow breathing throughout the day, and simply pairing a deep inhale with a long exhale can provide instant calm. If you have the time, you can go all-out with a guided meditation. Next, set a reminder to stand up and stretch (aim for every 20 minutes). And if you have the time and the motivation for a walk, run, quick yoga session, or face mask, even better — it just depends on what you’re working with right now.

Finally, drink some water. Your skin will reward you in radiance — and it’s good for both your mind and body to boot. Sound easy? That’s the point. Tasks this small can quickly fall by the wayside with any sort of disruption, which is why these days, it’s even more important to adhere to them. So: Let’s start with a deep breath.


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Glow Recipe

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