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Honey, I got you Covered

Every trip back to Korea doesn’t just mean suitcases filled with the latest beauty products. It’s also non-stop indulgence in comfort foods such as bulgogi, bibimbap and then the not-so-familiar latest food trends. This summer, our favorite “new find” in the midst of heat-struck, humid Seoul was Softree Honey Chip Ice Cream.

The ice cream itself, made from premier pasture milk, is delicious but it’s the sweet, crunchy 100% real honeycomb or “honey chips” on top the creamy scoop that take it up a notch- it’s real milk & honey.


Honey as a perfect complement to our teas and yogurts is old news. It turns out honey actually deserves more recognition than just as a sweetening sidekick. Honey has traditionally been used as a natural remedy to heal scars. It also natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is packed with natural anti-oxidants to combat free radical activity – in the body when consumed and on skin when topically applied.

It’s our intern, Elle’s favorite DIY lip care treatment. When it starts to get cold and blustery – and a lip balm is never enough – she swears by a rich application of honey on the lips, neatly sealed in with two pieces of plastic wrap. After 15 minutes, find lips magically transformed!

If only we could just cover our whole faces with this sweet solution without the resulting stickiness and mess. Luckily, we are fortunate to have savvy chemists to recognize the skin-loving qualities of honey.

Our favorite from Korea?

Shara Shara’s Honey Bomb All-in-one Ampoule is all of the moisturizing, nutritious goodness of honey without any of the stickiness. Fortified with 3 types of honey- Manuka Honey, Royal Jelly and Propolis Extract- the golden ampoule combines best of these natural ingredients. Manuka Honey, sourced from New Zealand, is one of the most nutrition dense strains of honey in the world, packed with amino acids and vitamins. The great thing about this product is that it’s a multi-tasker – it’s a serum and moisturizer in one.


Here in the office, we also use it as a weekly mask – apply a generous amount on skin for 10~15 minutes after cleansing, let it soak in and tissue off the rest before applying moisturizer. You’ll be surprised at how hydrated and plush skin is in the morning.

Get your glow on,

The Glow Recipe team

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