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Hello Beautiful! The Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask Is Here

02_HADAR_210_CHAHN copyWith the amount of sheet masks the Glow Recipe team has discovered and tested over the years, we’re pretty much PhD’s in masking. Paper, cotton, hydrogel, cellulose — heck, even algae — our team has tried and loved them all. But, it’s always felt like something was missing. That something? Watermelon, of course.

Which is why today GR is absolutely wiggling with excitement for you to meet the newest member of the growing Watermelon Glow family. Introducing the Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask. You probably already know the Watermelon Sleeping Mask and the Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer  — if you don’t, I highly recommend checking them out — and how great our favorite fruit is for the skin. This version of the sheet mask takes everything you love about Watermelon Glow and puts it in the coolest, most innovative form yet.

And having an inside track, I was able to get my hands (face?) on one early so I can tell you firsthand why there is not a more perfect mask to have in your stash this summer.

image_6483441As long as Glow Recipe has been creating its own products, founders Sarah and Christine have sought to “develop formulas that condense what we love about Korean skincare,” which is why this sheet mask is a step above the average cotton sheaths you’re used to. The watermelon mask is transparent — all the better for masking in public. It also comes in two pieces for an improved fit. Oh, did we mention that it’s made from pressed watermelons? It’s kind of the coolest thing ever, IMHO.

And, it’s an absolute dream to use. I wore the mask and set my phone timer to 10 minutes. I was seriously impressed by the mask’s no-slip fit, but even better, the thin gel stayed cool the whole time. In fact, when my phone started beeping at me, I hung out an extra five minutes before removing the mask. It was pushing 80 degrees outside, so it was super refreshing, and I was in no hurry to take it off.

Once I did (begrudgingly) remove it, I was almost dazzled by the dewy radiance it imparted on my complexion. My skin was soft, glowing, even, and soothed — pretty much everything you could possibly ask for in a masking treatment.

image_6483441 (1)While watermelon is obviously the hero ingredient here (and the first on the list which means it’s highly concentrated), it’s not the only one to be excited about. In addition to our favorite summer fruit, (and by the way, the mask has the same addictive Jolly Rancher smell as its sibling products), there are a few other must-knows to shout out. It’s also got centella asiatica — a herbaceous healing plant that is having a serious skincare moment — and everyone’s favorite skin-plumper and hydrator, hyaluronic acid.

And, because it’s basically transparent, you can legit mask anywhere, anytime. Try it in a yoga class, at your desk, your commute — sky is the limit, folks.

Get your hands on it now (you know it’s going to sell out and you definitely want to get it first) and show us where you invisi-mask by posting on social with #youjelly. Your summer plans just got a whole lot juicier.

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