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GR Test Drive: We Put 3 New Sheet Masks to the Ultimate Moisture Test


How many times have you done a sheet mask and thought, There, that looks better, only to be disappointed a few hours later when your glow is gone? Aside from the feel-good factor (obvs), we’ve come to expect both instant visible results (hydration! brightening! smaller pores!) and long-lasting benefits like plumping, smoothing, and softening. Unfortunately, not all offerings live up to the short- or long-term hype, which is why we’re putting three of our newest hydrating sheet masks to the ultimate test: Tracking our skin’s moisture level pre- and post-application with a high-tech beauty gadget called the Wayskin Skin Analyzer. See how our latest mask curations measure up!

Mask 1: Make P:rem Firming Double Layer Mask, $7


Best for: All skin types

Pre-mask Wayskin score: 34%

Post-mask Wayskin score after 5 hours: 89%


What we say: “This was my first time trying out Make P:rem’s Firming Double Layer Mask. The two masks were both drenched in product which I loved and I really felt my skin soaking up all the moisture. I also loved the ear hooks as I could go about my business without worrying about the mask falling off. After I masked for 10 minutes, I could go straight to moisturizing and was out the door. Someone even gave my skin a shout out on the way to work!” – Stevie, senior PR manager

Mask 2: Make P:rem Moisturizing Oil Sheet Mask, $5


Best for: All skin types

Pre-mask Wayskin score: 35%

Post-mask Wayskin score after 5 hours: 99%


What we say: “Oily skin folks, listen up: This will not give you zits. As someone who breaks out even at the thought of oil, I was hesitant to put this anywhere near my face. But the silky, paper-thin mask is infused with 10 different kinds of plant-based oils (no mineral oil or petrolatum) that actually helped balance out my skin and dial down the production of sebum. Not going to lie: It felt a little goopy going on, but after letting it do its thing for 10 minutes and patting in the remaining serum, my skin felt noticeably softer and smoother—and not the least bit greasy—and remained that way the whole day. It won’t bump my beloved Polatam Pure Cream Firming Radiance Mask ($7) from the gold medal spot in my sheet mask arsenal, but it will definitely be in regular rotation, especially when I need to inject a heavy dose of moisture into my skin.” – Maureen, director of content & partnerships

Mask 3: Common Labs Ggultamin C Real Jel Mask, $4

Best for: Oily/combination skin types

Pre-mask Wayskin score: 52%

Post-mask Wayskin score after 5 hours: 81%


What we say: “After patting the serum into my skin and letting it dry down a bit, I felt like my makeup applied more easily and lasted longer. I definitely noticed a difference in the glowiness and hydration level of my skin, even under makeup and as the day went on. Using the mask in the morning was a really refreshing way to start my day and it was easier than I expected to work into my routine!” – Alison, assistant marketing manager

How does your sheet mask stack up? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Tracey Feb 4, 2018 1:06 pm

    Love them. Awaiting another of your great sheet mask offer specials. Missed the last one ?

    • The Glow Recipe Team Feb 5, 2018 10:46 am

      Thanks, Tracey! We've recently discounted our sheet mask sets again. Check out the new promotional pricing on :)

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