GR Test Drive: The Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser


Who doesn’t love a good multitasking beauty product: a hair and body oil, a lip and cheek tint…a cleanser that doubles as a face mask? Yup, that’s right. In addition to gently whisking away dirt, makeup, and oil as a cleanser that actually boosts hydration with every wash, the works-for-all-skin-types, antioxidant– and AHA-packed Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser ($34) also makes a mean mask that brightens and plumps skin to glowy perfection—all in a matter of minutes. We asked three staffers to use it both ways, then measure their hydration levels with the Wayskin Skin Analyzer ($80). The results are shocking!

Kat B.

Skin type: Oily/acne-prone


Pre-cleanse Wayskin score: 19%                             Post-cleanse Wayskin score: 27%


Used as a cleanser

Pre-mask Wayskin score: 44%                                   Post-mask Wayskin score: 99%


“After about two weeks of using a backup face wash, my skin was simultaneously broken out and super dehydrated. So when I finally got my new refill of the Blueberry Bounce cleanser and heard that I could use it as a 5-minute mask to help tackle both issues, I ran into the bathroom to give it a go. And let me tell you, using the cleanser as a mask is everything. Like cut-the-end-of-the-tube-off, good-to-the-very-last-drop everything. And it’s so easy to use: I applied a thin layer onto clean, dry skin and then went about the rest of my morning routine—brushed my teeth, ran a comb through my hair, and chose a lip color for the day. After a few minutes, I emulsified the mask with water and gave myself a quick mini massage before rinsing it off completely. I immediately noticed the calming hydration—the Wayskin numbers prove it—and how soft my skin felt. My face also looked less red and my breakouts didn’t seem as angry, which is the holy grail when it comes to acne. Best of all, I loved that it’s something I can do within the timeframe that it takes to set my coffee maker. If this cleanser-mask duo is not in your routine already, you may need to reexamine your life and choices!” — Katarina, sales specialist

Janet R.

Skin type: Sensitive


Pre-cleanse Wayskin score: 28%                                   Post-cleanse Wayskin score: 79%


Pre-mask Wayskin score: 23%                                       Post-mask Wayskin score: 97%


“I’ve been using the Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser for about two months, but didn’t realize until now that I could use it as a mask. So genius! All I did was let it sit on my face for a few extra minutes and it made the biggest difference. It refreshed my skin, provided even more moisture (just look at those Wayskin results!), and upped my glow thanks to the exfoliating AHAs. I’ll continue to use it as my daily cleanser (love that it’s fragrance-free and removes all of my makeup), but will definitely be incorporating it into my nightly routine as a mask a couple times a week, too!” — Janet, graphic designer

Krista X.

Skin type: Combination/dry


Pre-cleanse Wayskin score: 47%                                 Post-cleanse Wayskin score: 60%


Pre-mask Wayskin score: 52%                                     Post-mask Wayskin score: 77%


“The Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser is such a great way to boost your routine in a snap! When I use it in the evening, it literally brings life to my skin. I’m a full-face makeup kind of girl and it removes all of it with ease and leaves my skin completely clean without any tightness. But…using it as a quickie mask the next morning really blew my mind. To tell you the truth: I was skeptical that it would increase my moisture level at all, especially since my skin is naturally dry and I’m serious about loading up on hydration on the regular. But after washing off the mask and measuring my skin with the Wayskin device, it boosted my hydration score by 17 points. It also made my skin look smoother, plumper, and brighter than before. Bottom line: This cleanser is a serious gamechanger for anyone looking to glow.” — Krista, sales specialist

What’s your favorite way to use the Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser? Let us know in the comments below!

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