Glow on the Go: Mini Korean Skin Care Routine Kits

If you’re new to the realm of Korean beauty and need some guidance navigating all of the options and products, we’ve made the Korean skincare routine easy and simple by curating mini-sized, trial kits. We walk you step-by-step through a complete skin care routine for your specific skincare concerns.


These trial kits are perfect if you’re trying out products for the first time, or even if you’re a skincare connoisseur that needs travel-friendly products over the holidays. Each kit contains samples with enough product to last 5 days, as well as tips and directions on how to use the products.


For anti-aging concerns and all skin types, rejuvenate your skin with the Ageless Glow kit.

This kit features bundles of 6 products carefully curated to obtain a youthful glow. Start off with a clean canvas by cleansing with LJH Tea Tree 30 Cleanser. Follow up with Whamisa Organic Flowers Deep Rich Essence Toner to hydrate and revitalize skin. Gently dab the Whamisa Organic Flowers Eye Essence around the eye area for lightweight nourishment. For extra an anti-aging boost, LJH’s Vita Propolis Ampoule is a highly concentrated treatment that pairs with the Vita Propolis Cream for a youthful appearance. During the week, apply Blithe Patting Splash Mask in Rejuvenating Purple Berry for quick and immediate luminosity.

dry rescue

For dry skin, quench your skin with the Dry Rescue kit.

This kit features bundles of 6 products for ultra-hydration during the holidays.The LJH Tea Tree 30 Cleanser contains tee tree to even skin tone and hydrated skin. After cleansing, apply the Whamisa Original Toner to maintain hydration and retain nourishment. Earth’s Recipe Hydro Liposome is an ‘aqua-filling’ serum that youthfully plumps the skin with moisture and the Moisture Bound Cream utilizes the same ‘moisture magnet’ ingredients for lasting hydration. During the week, for added brightness, use the Blithe Patting Splash Mask in Yellow Citrus & Honey, a 15 second mask facial that leaves skin radiant and soft. Another mask included is the one time use packette of Lindsay Modeling Rubber Mask which helps the skin retain moisture with its unique rubber texture (not pictured).


For oily and acne-prone skin, calm your skin with the Trouble Escape kit.

This kit features bundles of 6 products that help reduce redness and irritation starting with the LJH Tea Tree 30 Cleanser. Next, balance and prep the skin with Whamisa’s Refresh Toner (soon to be available on our site!). Follow up with LJH’s Tea Tree 90 Essence, which is made of 90% tea tree extract to even tone and reduce redness and blemishes. LJH’s Tea Tree 80 Cream provides even more tee tree in a soothing and hydrating cream. Once or twice during the week, try the Blithe Patting Splash Mask in Soothing Green Tea for radiant and smooth skin. Another time during the week, try the one time use packette of Lindsay Modeling Rubber Mask, which detoxifies skin while hydrating (not pictured).


For all-natural and organic formulations for all skin types, the Organic Purity set features products with gentle, yet effective formulations.

This kit contains 3 samples and a full-sized hydrogel sheet mask to represent what organic beauty has to offer. Whamisa is a brand that highly values natural and organic ingredients — their products are certified organic by Ecocert and the formulations and gentle on skin. First, remove makeup and cleanse with the  Whamisa Organic Flowers Cleansing Oil. Then, prep and nourish skin with the Whamisa Organic Original Toner. We’ve included a full-sized Whamisa Organic Hydrogel Sheet Mask ($9 value, flavor will be at random) for a luxuriously hydrating experience. Applying the unique, thin jelly sheet mask is a relaxing ritual that leaves skin dewy and refreshed.Finish off with Whamisa’s Organic Water Cream with Natto, a whipped, souffle-like cream that hydrates and treats skin.

When you’re ready to commit to a full-sized product, every kit also includes a $5 shop credit towards your next purchase and complimentary shipping!

Get your glow on,

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