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Glow Gift Guide: For The Friend With Permanent Wanderlust

What do you get the friend who has an Instagram highlight from basically every country? Well, since they’re always on the go, they’re usually seeking out simple, tiny gifts that won’t take up too much space in their expertly packed luggage, but will also help make their travel experience less stressful. Think TSA approved hydrating serums to combat the recycled airplane air, noise cancelling headphones to shut out an overly friendly seat mate, or a pouch that helps to keep chargers and gadgets in one place. 

Maybe they’ll like their presents so much they’ll lend you some of their miles for your next big trip. 

Mark and Graham, Leather Luggage Tag, $55, available at Mark and Graham

Who doesn’t love a monogrammed gift? It’s a level of personalization that shows you actually put a significant amount of thought into your present — and that it wasn’t a last-second purchase. Plus, it’s just really classy to have your initials on otherwise ordinary items, like this leather luggage tag. Select a bright color for your world traveler to make sure their carry-on stands out from all of the other identical Away bags on their flight. 

Bose, Noise Cancelling Headphone, $399.95, available at Bose 

If your friend is wise (which they are) they probably already have a pair of headphones to travel with. But,  they’re likely the same headphones they use to listen to music with, which usually don’t do much to shut out outside noise — especially the kind you’re subjected to while on a plane. With these noise cancelling headphones, they’ll be able to truly zone out while listening to a podcast or watching a movie. And, most importantly, can drown out their aggressively friendly seat mate who won’t stop talking, or the kid in 22B that’s been screaming for two hours and counting. 

Zoppen, Multi-Purpose Document Organizer Holder, $14.99, available at Amazon

The only thing worse than hitting traffic while running late to catch a flight is realizing, en route, that you left your passport (or credit card or drivers license) at home. This travel wallet will help to avoid any last minute freak outs by keeping all of the essential travel items in one place — like boarding passes and a pen to fill out custom forms. 

Sweet Chef, The Gift of Sweet Skin, $10, available at Sweet Chef

Your friend probably probably has more travel-sized beauty products than they do full sized ones, so you might as well help keep them stocked with this trio of serums. These are great to use on their own or can be layered on after a flight, when the recycled air has sucked all of the moisture and life out of your skin. Or, for the really serious skincare users, they can be applied while on the plane under a hydrating mask or heavy duty moisturizer. 

Sol de Janeiro, Carnaval Getaway, $25, available at Sol de Janeiro

We all know how bad plane air is for your skin, but it’s not just your face — your body skin can get dried out, too. Sol de Janeiro is one of our favorite brands to help us rehydrate because of its intoxicating fragrance.  Even if your friend isn’t headed somewhere warm on their next trip, this mix of pistachio, coconut, and caramel will help mentally transport them somewhere with lots of sun. 

Sugarfina, Boutique Tasting Box, $38, available at Sugarfina

You could leave your friend to snack on their usual pack of trail mix from the terminal newsstand, or you could gift them these delicious gummies to stress eat after their flight’s been delayed for the third time With flavors like Peach Bellini, Cuba Libre, or Champagne Bubbles they can pretend they’re sitting at a fancy bar instead of sprawled out in the waiting area trying to wrestle an outlet away from a teenager to charge their phone. If anything, these portable treats will come in handy when the on flight snack options inevitably let them down.

Dagne Dover, Arlo Tech Pouch, $45, available at Dagne Dover

The other items, right behind your passport and credit cards, that you really don’t want to leave at home when traveling are chargers. Most people carry around what’s basically a portable office with them, so the wires and gadgets are all necessary. This tech pouch is small and compact enough to store in your friend’s bag and organized enough to keep everything in one place. 

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