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Glow Gift Guide: For The Sun Worshipper

At this point, there’s really no excuse for not wearing sunscreen every day. Unfortunately, we’ve all got that friend that thinks tanning is more important than their skin’s health, no matter how many not-so-subtle hints we give them. They are the ones that will choose to apply the lowest possible number of SPF because they “just want a little color.” And while they might get the tan they desired, their skin will suffer in the long run as a result. 

We call this group the sun worshippers. We know them, we love them, and we want to help them reverse the damage they’ve likely already done. We’ve compiled some product picks that can help both protect and repair the skin-aging effects of the sun. There are skincare products that will combat hyperpigmentation, eyeshadow (yes, eyeshadow) infused with SPF, and a trendy hat they won’t feel silly wearing out in public. Because, the easier you make it for them to protect their skin, the more likely they might be to actually do it.

Glow Recipe, Glowipedia Glass Skin Set, $104, available at Glow Recipe

After gifting your friend this set, make sure to also send them the Glow Edit story outlining how these products can help with any skin damage they might be dealing with. If pigmentation is an issue, they can reach for the Pineapple-C serum. Or perhaps they’re dealing with a residual sunburn, which is where the Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer comes in handy. All of the products, either used separately or in tandem, can help them diminish the effects that unprotected sun exposure has on the skin. 

St. Tropez, Self Tan Express Starter Kit, $27, available at Sephora

A great way of getting darker without stepping foot in the sun is investing in a great self tanner. Since your friend is probably used to getting some color the old-fashioned, dangerous way, ease them into the world of bronzing with this starter kit. It includes the basics, like a body polish, applicator mitt, bronzing mousse, and tan enhancing body moisturizer. They’ll be looking like they just hopped off the plane from Mexico in no time, and they don’t need to bake in the sun to do it.

Supergoop, Shimmershade Set, $96, available at Supergoop.

You might not think about putting sunscreen on your eyelids but, in fact, five to 10 percent of skin cancers are found in the eye area. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Supergoop’s SPF 30 infused cream eye shadows are a great way to protect the area while also serving a look in the process. When you gift it to your friend though, just make sure to emphasize that they should be putting this on on top of the sunscreen that they’re already wearing.

ASOS Design, Tie Dye Bucket Hat, $23, available at ASOS

The scalp is another one of those areas that often gets neglected when applying protection, but it’s also one of the more exposed parts of the body when out in the sun. An easy way to help prevent sunburn up top is to throw on a hat. Because even though your friend should avoid being out in the sun as much as they can, at some point, they’ll have to encounter it. And when they do they might as well shield themselves in style. 

Glow Recipe, Glow Baby Glow Kit, $29, available at Glow Recipe

There are still ways your friend can get the glow that comes with spending a day in the sun without the repercussions that come along with spending an actual day in the sun. This duo of sleeping masks will hydrate, protect, and reset your skin overnight. You can apply the watermelon mask on congested areas and the avocado on drier ones and, together, they’ll leave you with a balanced and radiant visage.

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