Glow Gift Guide: For The Makeup Artist In Training

Though we all wish we were the kind of person that could create a complicated smoky eye in five minutes or less, well, we’re not. But we probably know someone who can, and you’ve also probably recruited them to do your makeup on more than one occasion, haven’t you? Well, ’tis the season to thank them for all of their hard work. 

It would be expected to get a makeup obsessive makeup products, so we decided to get a bit more creative with our picks. Here, you’ll find items that will help them store their stash safely and even learn a thing or two about the beauty industry. You’ll also find some skincare on the list, because the base for every makeup look should be clean, smooth skin. There’s only so much a highlighter can do in terms of providing that glow we all strive for, so now’s your chance to show them a thing or two about how skin care can also work as makeup.

Urban Outfitters, Perfect Selfie Ring Light + Lens, $12, available at Urban Outfitters

Every beauty junkie knows that the camera on your phone isn’t always a good indication of what your makeup will look like once you leave the house. There are always different lighting to consider, and this selfie light that conveniently attaches to your phone is great for figuring out how a freshly beat face will look once a camera flash goes off. Plus, your friend will be able to admire their work and show it off on social media via perfectly lit selfies. 

Glow Recipe, Let It Glow Kit, $39, available at Sephora

Like we mentioned, the key to flawless makeup is having a good base to apply it to and this trio is the ultimate dream team to help with your glow up. The Pink Juice Moisturizer will provide a smooth, hydrating texture that also helps keep makeup in place while the overnight mask can be used the night before, say, a big event to ensure you wake up with bouncy, dewy skin. And perhaps the most important part of wearing makeup is making sure you remove it at the end of the day which is where the gentle, but effective cleanser comes into play. 

Weezie, Makeup Towels, $40, available at Weezie

Speaking of removing makeup, it isn’t exactly the favorite part of anybody’s day — especially when you’re wearing a full, done up look. But, these towels make the process a little more enjoyable. Let’s be real, who wouldn’t love coming home to this cheeky set after a long night out? 

Makeup Fridge, Makeup Fridge, $79.99, available at Makeup Fridge

A mini fridge to store beauty items might seem a little extra at first, but it can come in handy particularly in the summertime when products like stick foundation or even lipstick can melt if left out in the heat. Plus, both makeup and skincare can be stored on the shelves. A setting spray can be refrigerated in order to provide a cooling effect when spritzed on, or a set of undereye gel masks can be popped in and applied right before a night out. While you’re at it, throw a mini champagne split in there and make it a party. 

Face Paint: The Story of Makeup by Lisa Eldridge, $21, available at Amazon

No shade, but your beauty obsessed friend probably learned most, if not all, of their makeup skills from YouTube and the vloggers that basically run the tutorial game. That’s not a bad thing! But there’s so much more to beauty than just tutorials. In fact, the history of makeup is downright fascinating, and this educational book has plenty of stories to tell that will actually help make them a better makeup artist. And, it comes from one of the OG beauty influencers, Lisa Eldridge. She’ll teach them all about the history and origins of makeup, from ancient Egypt to Hollywood. 

Haus Laboratories, Has Laboratories by Lady Gaga: Haus of Collections: Eyeshadow, Lip Gloss, Lip Liner, $49, available at Amazon

If you’re going to gift a makeup maven with actual makeup, it might as well be some of the most in demand items. Lady Gaga much-anticipated new line launched back in September and has been a sellout success ever since. It’s all about encouraging people to be who they are, and your friend can do just that with this set of eyeshadow, lip liner, and lip gloss. Hey, if the collection is good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for us. 

Sigma Beauty, Roxstar Favorites Brush Set, $87, available at Sigma Beauty

Just like makeup obsessives can never have enough makeup, they also can never have enough makeup brushes. This collection comes courtesy of makeup artist Roxette Arisa and feels just as luxurious as they look. It comes with a set of five brushes that your loved one can use to apply their winged eyeliner, Euphoria glitter shadow, or cheekbone-revealing highlighter. 

Photo via Artist Couture

Artist Couture, Artist Couture Illuminati $27, available at Artist Couture

Speaking of highlighter, when we’re not using our serums to do a little shinelighting, we turn to this super-shimmery highlighter from Artist Couture. It’s a natural, finely-milled champagne powder with pearlized silver shimmer that will light up any and all skin tones. We like apply it and then spray on our Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist to add a shot of hydration and dewiness, plus to keep our painstakingly applied makeup in place.

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