Glow Gift Guide: For The Fitness Fan

This is the friend who doesn’t mind shilling out hundreds of dollars for a gym membership (and then actually uses it), goes to the farmer’s market every weekend, and was on keto before it was mainstream. There’s nothing wrong with staying active and taking care of yourself, but this person considers it a lifestyle rather than a hobby. 

Staying up on the latest wellness trends can be expensive, so giving them a gift that helps them in their quest to stay healthy and fit will be immensely appreciated. We’re talking things like a self-cleaning water bottle that’s both eco-conscious and perfect to carry to their early morning gym sessions, or a pack of DirtyLemon’s charcoal drink to help them detox. Show them you support their healthy living quest (even if you don’t want to be their 7 a.m. spin class buddy) with one of these wellness picks.

Dagne Dover, Medium Landon Neoprene Carryall Duffle Bag, $155, available at Nordstrom

This workout bag is great for a lot of reasons. For one, it’s spacious enough to fit a change of clothes and a pair of sneakers. A laptop can also be squeezed in there, so your friend doesn’t have to lug around two separate bags. It’s also compact enough to fit into those awkward sized lockers found in most studios and gyms these days. And lastly it can be used as a carryall for when you’re traveling. A do-it-all present if we’ve ever seen one. 

Sweet Chef, The Gift Of Sweet Skin, $10, available at Sweet Chef

Post-workout cleanse, your friend will need to rehydrate their skin before stepping out of the gym. This trio of serums will fit perfectly in their new duffle bag and can be rotated depending on what their skin needs that day. If they’re dehydrated, they can reach for Kale; if their texture is a bit rough, the Beet shot can help; and if the harsh weather is making their skin act up, then Ginger will help with that. 

Larq, The Larq Bottle, $95, available at Larq

A gift that’s both eco-conscious and the perfect accessory for those early morning gym sessions. This self-cleaning water bottle gets rid of up to 99.9999% of harmful bacteria using UV-C light and does so on its own every two hours. As if that wasn’t enough, it keeps water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. Think of it as a Swell bottle and a Brita filter in one, very sleek and super-portable design.  

IGK, Flight Club Dry Shampoo Travel Set, $28, available at IGK

Another portable beauty product that’s a post-workout staple, these three dry shampoos can be alternated depending on just how hard they worked out. The more heavy duty First Class option can be used following a very sweaty and strenuous cycling class, while Direct Flight is fitting for, say, a sometimes-sweaty Barre class. Jet Lag is the most gentle of the bunch and can be sprayed on following a soothing yoga session. 

Briogeo, Superfoods Hair Bar, $50, available at Sephora

For the days when your friend actually finds the energy to wash their hair post workout, they can reach for this antioxidant rich set from Briogeo. It comes with two full size and two travel size products, so they can keep a pair at home and bring the others with them when they have to shower at the gym. We promise these are a lot better than the shampoos and conditioners your gym provides. 

DIRTY LEMON, +Charcoal The Daily Detox, $65, available at DIRTY LEMON. 

If detoxing is their mantra, then chances are good they know all about the importance of charcoal and how it can help their skin and body. DIRTY LEMON’s signature beverage includes ginger and dandelion root to help aid in digestion and support the cleansing that the charcoal already activates. This six-pack is a great introduction to charcoal drinks and is sure to get them hooked on the tart treat.

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