Glow Gift Guide: For The Friend Who Loves To Hibernate

There are two types of people in the world: Those who thrive at social events and those who call to tell you they won’t be attending said social event five minutes before it’s scheduled to start. This gift guide is for the latter — the friend who you probably won’t be seeing until May because they’ll be busy being a seasonal homebody. That’s right, we’re talking about the hibernators. 

Help them settle into the upcoming months they plan to spend on the couch with presents like a cozy pair of slippers or a perfectly plush blanket. Since winter is a great time to indulge in self care, you can also gift them with things like nail polish, candles, and a hair mask aptly named “Antisocial” so they can have their own at-home spa without setting foot outside. Not that they had any plans to do that anyways. 

FlossGloss, Fallternative Trio, $27, available at FlossGloss

Sometimes, a coat of colorful nail polish can do wonders for brightening up an otherwise dreary day or a bad mood and this set has three to choose from. The light brown Tanlines, a neon yellow named Neon Nacho, and the bold orange Hella Hilite. Your friend can paint their nails with this trio while thinking of the warm weather and margaritas in their warm weather future.

Pinch Provisions, Binge-Watching Survival Kit, $20, Pinch Provisions

Homebodies are already expert binge watchers, but this kit will help them take their marathon television watching to the next level. It includes items like coasters, a snack clip, stain remover, and a guide to sofa yoga (that last one will definitely come in handy once they realize they’ve managed to watch three seasons of Great British Bakeoff in one sitting). You know, the essentials.

Glow Recipe and IGK, Overnight Wonders Kit, $55, available at Glow Recipe

All of that time spent indoors, they might as well indulge in the kind of beauty treatments that require more than a couple of minutes to do. Like, say, an overnight hair and face mask. We teamed up with IGK to offer a gift set featuring their repairing and softening Antisocial Dry Hair Mask and our cult-classic Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask — a skin-transforming overnight mask with hyaluronic acid, AHA, and pumpkin and watermelon extracts that will leave them glowing. Both work their magic while your friend indulges in their favorite past time: Sleeping.

Slip For Beauty Sleep, Ultimate Beauty Sleep Set, $139, available at Nordstrom

Speaking of sleeping, a good nights rest is important regardless of your social status — not just for your own sanity but also for your appearance. This limited-edition set is features a pure silk pillowcase, sleep mask, and three hair ties. Together they help retain the skin’s moisture and doesn’t cause hair to tangle or get roughed up while you sleep. 

UGG, Scuffette II Slipper, $84.95, available at Nordstrom 

A pair of slippers will surely come in handy for the frequent trips from their bed to the couch (and sometimes the kitchen) and back again. These cozy and comfortable ones from UGG are like wrapping your feet in tiny warm clouds. And they’re water resistant, just in case they need to step outside to fetch their food delivery or sign for a package.  

Brooklinen, AM to PM Scented Candles, $59, available at Brooklinen

We’re of the firm belief that candles are a universally appreciated gift — it’s a practical present that everyone appreciates and, perhaps more importantly, uses. After all, there’s no such thing as a home with too many candles. This set comes with a group of four, each meant to be burned during its designated time of day. Wake smells like the ocean, Magic Hour like rose, Dusk like earthy woods, and Nightcap like a smoky bourbon. .

Threshold, Fuzzy Blanket Throw, $14.24, available at Target

Outside of a very plush sectional, there’s no better accessory to an all-day-into-late-night binge session than a fuzzy blanket. This one is easy on the wallet, but also comes with optimal coverage for when other people want to gain entry to the couch club.

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