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Get Skin Out of Hibernation with the Latest Exfoliation Trends

At long last, the weather is edging above the 60s in NYC and it feels like the warmer months are finally here to stay. After the long winter months of slathering on rich creams, it can feel like skin needs a little ‘dusting off’ to shed it’s dull, lackluster appearance.

While sometimes there’s nothing like a thorough scrub, we’ve never been big fans of harsh physical exfoliants at Glow Recipe (and definitely a big no to environmentally unsound microbeads).  We’ve rounded up the latest exfoliating trends so that you can help your complexion emerge glowing from its ‘skin hibernation’.

Aqua & Milk Peels
These oversized q-tips pre-soaked in gentle exfoliating acids are not only satisfyingly fun to use, but also great for precision exfoliating around especially blackhead prone areas. Inspired by the dermatology trends of the same name, check out our previous posts of Aqua Peeling and Milk Peeling to learn more!

Buffing Pads
One-time use puffs infused with exfoliating ingredients are trending in Korea as an gentler yet equally effective alternative to typical scrubs. The Wish Formula Squish and Bubble Mesh Mask is soaked in skin-brightening Vitamin C and starts to self foam as soon as it’s removed from the packette. Squish to create a rich lather. Use the mesh-covered side to buff away dead skin cells clogging the skin, then finish by turning the puff around and using the softer side to gently pat away moisture.

Gommage Peels
This category of peels is a great, non-abrasive way for more sensitive skin types to exfoliate skin. Formulated in an enzyme-rich gel, gommage peels are meant to be gently massaged into damp skin in a circular motion to slough off dead skin cells. As you massage, you’ll feel little ‘balls’ under your finger tips, which help to remove the rough surface layers of the skin. Our favorite is Dr. G’s Peeling Gel (which Korean supermodel Jihye Park raved about in a recent Coveteur article) and after just one use, the Glow Recipe team unanimously agrees that skincare applied afterwards seems to absorb better and skin tone is more even and clarified.

Splash Masks
A perennial Glow Recipe customer favorite, this lactic & glycolic acid infused liquid treatment can quickly retexturize rough skin with a quick splash-and-pat session in the shower. Blithe Splash Masks have not only gotten rave reviews from our customers, but also editors from Into the Gloss and Marie Claire as well. We’re also excited to have recently launched the Blithe Splash Masks on as well – a true testament to the amazing response this product has been getting from editors and customers alike.

Exfoliating tips

– Exfoliating on a regular basis (1~2x a week) is critical to keep skin turnover at a healthy rate – environmental stress and aging all contribute to a more sluggish skin cell turnover than the usual 28 day cycle, which then leads to dull, tired looking skin.

– After exfoliating, especially after using AHA infused products, it’s important to use a sunscreen to continue to keep skin protected and healthy!

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions!

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  • Beyond Sep 7, 2017 10:40 pm

    Thanks for sharing these trends. I need to be updated about the different methods on how to exfoliate my skin.

    • The Glow Recipe Team Jun 13, 2016 11:07 am

      We usually recommend exfoliating 2~3 times a week to keep skin clear and glow-y, so you're doing it right! Be aware of the signs of over-exfoliation, which can strip the skin of its natural protective barrier, causing redness, irritation, and the over-production of oils.

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