Get Poppin’ with #Capsule Beauty

Skincare has never been easier (or more skin-tertaining!) now that products come in an innovative capsule format. These capsules amplify the sensorial experience to make skincare entertaining by bursting and melting into skin.  Pampering or taking care of yourself (and your skin) on a regular basis should be pleasurable – not a chore. It’s all about enjoying the skin-caring moments of your day.

#CapsuleBeauty comes in two variations: pre-portioned pearls of product, and pulp-like, mini-beans suspended in familiar products like essences and creams. The first type of capsules provide the perfect dosage of product, eliminating the guesswork in how much is enough to use. Additionally, there is a hygienic benefit to capsule creams; scooping product from jars with fingers introduces bacteria, but these capsules minimize contamination. The latter type adds an extra nourishing component as these tiny capsule burst upon contact with skin. It’s easy to incorporate capsules into every step of your routine in these four ways:

1. Start off with a clean slate

Cleansing is arguably the most important step in a routine as a clean face fundamental in skincare, which the Glow Recipe team can attest to. Get popping with May Island’s Bubble Bean Cleansers! The capsule format makes these beans more hygienic and require less preservatives – which your skin will definitely appreciate.  After crushing the bean in your hands, it melts easily into water, creating a rich lather to gently remove residue from skin.

2. Treat(ment) yourself

After cleansing, follow up with a multi-tasking treatment essence. The Blithe Pulp Essence earned its name from the floating encapsulated vitamin E beads that resemble pulp in orange juice. While we’ve seen capsules suspended in creams and serums before, this is one of the first times we’ve seen such capsules suspended in a liquid format, making it true innovation. Just like how a glass of pulpy OJ has more nutrients than its pulp-free counterpart, the vitamin E capsules elevates this essence with extra nourishment.


3. Stay hydrated with a gel

Moisturize and ‘aqua fill‘ skin with Primary Raw’s DoYou Azulene Gel Cream. The tiny yellow spheres in this translucent gel are filled with vitamins and azulene, a product of steamed chamomile, to soothe skin. The unique bouncy texture of the gel cream hints at how supple and plump skin becomes after application.

4. Serving for one

For those with anti-aging concerns, our newest curation, the J.One Hana Cream, promises firmer and fuller skin. “Hana” in Korean means one, which refers to the single dosage capsule format of this cream – one pearl of this cream provides full coverage, effortlessly melting into skin without any residue, which was a concern with prior capsule creams.  The star ingredient in this cream is Fullerene, a Nobel prize-winning antioxidant that acts as an ‘oxygen magnet’ and helps to reduce signs of aging and stress. Natural oils and extracts revitalize and energize skin for a fuller, bouncier appearance. If you’re in need of a little extra TLC, add as many of the capsules as you see fit.

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