Get Festival Beauty Ready

It’s that time of year — when spring break collides with festival season, all the way from South by Southwest in March to Coachella in April to Bonnaroo in the summer. And while festivalgoers have their uniform pretty much down — cut-offs, fringe, boots and all manner of gypsy-bohemian accouterments, not to mention no shortage of skin — what’s really going to get you noticed is young, healthy, dewy (and not flushed or sunburned) skin.

But how to look like you don’t care and just rolled out of bed like this, without really looking like you didn’t care and literally did roll out of bed (or the tent or wherever you crashed last night) like this?

Just follow our handy festival beauty guide to looking like you belong in that Kendall Jenner-Gigi Hadid posse — dusty, dry, 100-degree-plus heat notwithstanding.

  1. Start the Day Off Right

Just because music festivals have a hippie-boho vibe about them doesn’t mean you have to go au naturel when it comes to your skin. Just streamline your beauty routine — there are plenty of multi-tasking products that are as efficacious as the ones in your at-home regimen. Start with Blithe Patting Splash Mask (the Soothing Green Tea version would be great for soothing sun-soaked, irritated skin) — just splash it on for 15 seconds in the shower.

Then spritz with a mist (this is gonna work triple duty — toss it into your crossbody and bring it with you to the festival grounds), and apply J. One Jelly Pack, a morning “corset” mask, treatment and primer-in-one, to fight the bloat from too much drinking and overheating.

Another multi-tasking option is the serum-moisturizer Blithe Pressed Serum with cooling Crystal Iceplant — the name alone practically decreases your body temp a few degrees). Finish off with a broad spectrum, stabilized, high SPF sunscreen, like Dr. Oracle EPL Daily Sunblock SPF 50 PA+++.


  1. Stay Cool

Your skin’s best friend during festival season? Plenty of water. Keep an environmentally friendly reusable water bottle on hand and hydrate throughout the day. While you’re at it, mist your face throughout the day (and shoulders and neck and wherever you could use some skin-loving hydration — or just to disguise the fact that you’re sweating up a storm). LJH Tea Tree 70 Mist Toner contains acne-fighting tea tree oil, so you’re not just keeping skin cool and hydrated in the heat of midday, you’re also infusing skin with some blemish-fighting power during a week particularly prone to dirt and grime.

  1. Glow, Don’t Shine

The second most important rule about sun protection (other than applying enough) is reapplying, and nothing is better for reapplying sunscreen on top of makeup than a cushion compact. Hera UV Mist Cushion Long Stay SPF 50 PA+++ lasts for 12 hours and gives you a cooling pick-me-up as well as boosting sun protection. Since it’s got a more matte finish, just spritz your mist (see why you need to take this with you?) on the patented hydrophilic puff and dab along cheekbones for an instantly natural strobe.

  1. Do Damage Control

Yes, music festivals and spring break are basically weeklong excuses to party. But don’t let a bit of fun wreak havoc on your skin for the rest of the year. Always, always remember to remove your makeup at the end of the day, no matter how tired you may be. Wish Formula Squish-and-Bubble Mesh Mask at least injects some fun into that sometimes tiresome chore. Just wet the one-time use pad and squish to lather; buff for two to three minutes and rinse for an instant exfoliating, cleansing treatment. Afterwards, as you’re crawling into bed, slather on a lightweight, cooling sleep mask with antioxidants, like LJH Probiotics Sleeping Cream, to bolster free radical protection and fight damage incurred during the day.

Because you’re gonna need a good night’s sleep — you’ve got one music festival down, only a dozen more to go.

Get your glow on,

Anna M. Park is the editor of beauty and travel blog

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