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Foundation, Glued: The Jelly Pack is April’s Glow Gamechanger

The J. One Jelly Pack is April’s Glow Gamechanger– a monthly product feature that highlights a treatment that’ll change your skincare game forever. For a limited time, shop the Jelly Pack at a game-changing price here.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with foundation, even when my skin didn’t look it’s best and I was in the throes of grody hormonal acne. Two reasons why: in order to “do” foundation or BB or CC correctly, people always suggested primers and pastes that were meant to perfect makeup. Instead, they just left my skin feeling janky and heavy and really, really dry. I couldn’t stomach having to smear a meaningless goop onto my face that never seemed to extend wear or perfect anything. Secondly, even in my skincare-novice state, I realized these primers weren’t actually doing anything to help my already congested, trouble prone skin. If wearing makeup exacerbated my acne, I thought, how would this primer thing affect the equation? Wasn’t my skin, beneath layers of makeup and priming product, just drier and more irritated than ever before?

Fast forward to K-Beauty obsessed Katie, in the know about these things sliiightly more than I was at 18, writing about something really special for this month’s Gamechanger. It’s the J. One Jelly Pack- best described by yours truly as a skincare treatment Jack of all trades. Inelegant, possibly, but also true! The Jelly Pack is a dynamic skin-firming, radiance boosting, wiggly jelly that literally does triple duty. It can act as either…

  • a complete morning skincare routine, all in one pump
  • a makeup gripping ‘foundation glue’, or
  • an oxygenating, brightening, firming sleeping mask

The thing that’s so cool about multi-use treatments is their versatility, but K-Beauty always seems to bring ‘versatility’ to strange new heights. This all-in-one treatment can be applied in the morning as straight skincare. If applied correctly, it will sit perfectly well as just skincare on a no-makeup day; minimizing pores, lifting the skin, and plumping fine lines. (Funny story: we once all took half-face photos with the JP and the difference in height of both my cheeks was in. Sane. And kind of hilarious.) Apply SPF right on top of your Jelly Pack- it’ll grip the formula, and abate any greasiness in your suncare throughout the day.

If you want to add foundation, just give the Jelly Pack a moment to set after thoroughly patting and pressing the formula into skin for 30 seconds. After about 3 minutes, you’re good to brush or blend makeup on. I personally see foundation wear doubled- the thin layer of BB cream that would normally vaporize after a few hours is instead held firmly in place, dissolving only when I oil cleanse in the evening. This is so freeing, you guys. To know that your makeup has your back when you need it – that’s golden, always.

Buuuut, this is more than just makeup-gripping Foundation Glue: it’s skincare. Therein lies the beauty: this isn’t a goopy, pastey primer. This is skincare, plus. This is texture that works in tandem with makeup, or without, like a priming moisturizer on beautiful, skin soothing steroids.

The Jelly Pack contains multitudes- Fullerene, Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid, Rosewater, and fermented Black Tea extract. Fullerene is a Nobel Prize winning ingredient that acts as a brightening oxygen magnet. Black Tea extract and Rosewater work to deeply soothe and soften roughened complexions. The Jelly Pack visibly lifts and firms skin so effectively that it was nicknamed the ‘corset mask’ in Korea. The gluey, clingy, tacky texture melts into skin when applied for an unprecedented tensing and lifting effect- the likes of which we’ve often seen claimed, though rarely actually happening.

At night, the Jelly Pack’s soothing, inflammation reducing ingredients really shine: I like to use this in place of cream, but drier skin types could layer it on top of lotion or moisturizer. If, after consistent patting, you’re still feeling a bit sticky, use a facial mist on top, then pat that in. This helps to liquefy the remaining product, leaving it with a drier, satin finish. Our co-founder Sarah reported that after using the Jelly Pack as a sleeping mask each night for a week, little bumps and irritated spots on her skin vanished. I’ve noticed a similar soothing effect, with any blemishes in progress of healing looking flatter and calmer when I wash my face in the morning. The lifting effect of the Pack seems to set in overnight, leaving skin looking bouncy and silky smooth in the morning- very fresh and calm. The proof is in the pudding, and also in the very special way the Jelly Pack should be applied- look forward to my next blog installment on how to best apply it!

The gamechanging bottom line: one Jelly, perfectly and simply versatile.


Happy Gamechanging,



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  • Lesley Amano Apr 5, 2017 7:15 am

    I have a question about putting sunscreen on top. Does that work equally well for physical vs. chemical or combination type sunscreens? Or should some types of sunscreen go under instead of over the jelly pack? Thank you!

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