Fog Mists Are The Next Big Thing In K-Beauty

If you live and breathe all things skincare, then chances are you know the power of a face mist. Versatile and easy to add to any routine, face mists are like your favorite pair of jeans — they always make you look great and go with everything. In Korea, misting is a borderline obsession: According to our founders, Sarah and Christine, literally everyone is a skin spritzer. “When you walk down the streets of Seoul, you’ll see people misting each other’s faces. It’s a truly social experience,” explains Sarah.


That said, not all mists are created equal. While they work fabulously on clean skin, traditional face mists aren’t ideal for those who wear makeup. “A lot of the mists we’ve tried are quite harsh when you spritz it on the face, which can mess up your makeup,” says Sarah.

Enter: fog mists. These super-fine sprays are hydrating and glow-bestowing like their OG brethren, but feel like what we imagine walking face first into a cloud would feel like. “Ultra-fine mists are the latest beauty trend in Korea,” says Christine. “It’s actually called angae mists, which directly translates to mean fog mist. It’s like you are walking into this beautiful fog of hydration.”


Being the devoted misters we are, we knew we had to get in on the angae action, which is why we created our very own fog mist, the Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist. Just as the name implies, this hydrating haze is whisper-soft on your skin and does so much more than just hydrate.

“It’s made with 84% watermelon extract, which is rich in amino acids and vitamins, so it’s really great for hydrating, smoothing, and refreshing the skin,” says Sarah. Adds Christine, “It also has hyaluronic acid for juicy, plump skin; apple cider vinegar to help control oil, and hibiscus oil, which has naturally occurring AHA to help soothe and soften the skin.”

Another cool thing about fog mists is that they aren’t only for hydration (although they’re pretty boss at that, too). Spritz it on any time of day to refresh, boost your glow, and enhance your makeup, “I love spritzing the Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist on a sponge or a makeup brush — that will really help soften the skin as I apply makeup,” says Sarah.


“For me, Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist has replaced my toner step,” says Christine. “I love spritzing it on the skin right after cleansing so that my skin is never dry. Or, if I’m needing an extra moisture boost, I love using it for this dewy skin hack to mist between every skin-care step.”

“It’s a secret that we learned from our friends back in Korea,” says Sarah. “It’s actually a great way to soften the skin but also prep it for the next step.”


Your skin’s forecast for the day? A 100% chance of fog, with plentiful hydration, glow, and dewiness.

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