Find Your Cleansing Twin!

Cleansing is mandatory- but K-beauty finds a way to make everything infinitely more entertaining. We’ve even coined a word for this phenomenon: cleanser + entertainment. Cleansertainment!

There’s nothing more satisfying than melting away the day’s makeup, swiping the skin with a cotton pad, and knowing that you’ve really, really gotten everything off your face. We have a few self proclaimed Cleanser Addicts on the GR team- they’re the ones who are hyping up new formulas and analyzing ingredient lists and hounding the rest of us to double cleanse the second we pick up our cushion puffs. We also have a few low(er) maintenance skincare addicts in our offices- those of us who maybe don’t wear makeup every day, and prefer a gentle foaming cleanse first thing in the evening. We’re all cleansertainment converts- committed to cleaning the skin thoroughly and having fun doing it!

No matter your personal cleansing style, we’ve got you covered. We’ve spoken to members of the GR team that range from religious double cleansers to cleansing toner converts- find your cleansing twin and your newest form of cleanser-tainment below.

The Pop #GirlBoss: Sarah
Motto: “Glowin’ in the deep”

The Pop #GirlBoss is into innovative cleansing formats that are also super hydrating, with a penchant for those that are beautiful to look at. Sarah loves our new May Island Bubble Bean Cleanser ($30), which has four different colored beans to address various skin concerns. “Yellow helps with drier skin, while I use the white bean to deep-clean the pores. Green addresses sensitive skin, and pink brightens the complexion. These beans are seriously fun to use- I love ‘popping’ them!” Sarah uses the cleansing beans at home and when travelling- they’re non-liquid and ready to transport.

The Supertasking Glow Getter: Christine
Motto: “Two uses are better than one”

The Supertasking Glow Getter is enamored of products that address multiple skin concerns at once. Busy, multi-tasking mom & entrepreneur, the Squish and Bubble Mesh Mask ($7) is Christine’s pick: “I love that this pad can be used in the shower to cleanse the face while delivering some gentle exfoliation and brightening Vitamin C!” The Squish and Bubble Mesh Mask is an exfoliating cleansing pad that helps to fade dark spots over time.

The Flash: Jay
Motto: “빨리 빨리” – “Hurry up!”

The Flash loves quickly cleansing the skin. Low key Jay never wears makeup, so she ends her day with a few swipes of cleansing toner and follows up with a self-foaming cleanser like the Primary Raw Cleansing Foam ($13).  She describes her method as ‘ultra simple’, and says that the Primary Raw Ferment Cleanse Toner ($35) is super hydrating and an “actual lifesaver for those days where you’re bone-tired”. In the morning? It’s the only thing she uses to prep and refresh her skin. 

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The “Powder” Player: Cathy
Motto: “Back at it again with the cleansing powder!”

The Powder Player is all about cleansing powders. The convenient powder format is great to shuttle around between the gym, school and home. Cathy loves “the enzymes present in the Snow Queen Powder Wash ($25) as they gently exfoliate the skin. Some days, I want more scrubbing power to slough away dead skin, and some days I just want a comforting cleansing foam. This cleanser is seriously versatile, and travel ready!”

The Traditional: Katie
Motto: “Double Cleanse 4 Serious”

The Traditional cleanser is serious and a bit of a stickler for the ‘old way’ of doing things. Katie’s take on double cleansing is that “It makes me feel like I’m following the rules, in a great way, when I do a traditional double cleanse. I wear cushion foundation every day, and want to maintain my complexion- I really feel like I’m getting every little tiny bit of makeup and SPF off of my face.”

Her top cleansing picks are the Goodal Trans-Foam Cleanser ($30), which is an oil cleanser that transforms into a foaming cleanser when ‘activated’ with water. She also loves the Whamisa Oil Cleanser ($38) for it’s herbal, lush scent, followed up with the Primary Raw Cleansing Foam ($13).  \

Let us know who your cleanse twin is!

Get your glow on,
The GR Team

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