Eye Essences Are The De-Puffing Fix You’ve Been Waiting For

As a diligent applier of eye cream since the tender age of 18, I can attest to the powers of a small jar of a drugstore formula. Even more so, I can tell you how much I fell in love with the (then only nightly) ritual of dotting the tiniest bit of a more-expensive moisturizer carefully underneath each eye. But my years of dedication have paid off, and I’ve done a pretty good job of staving off crow’s feet and puffy, under-eye bags, which I’d like to think is due to my diligence with eye cream. But when I came across an eye essence, I immediately wanted it just because it would add another step to my now-lengthy AF skincare routine.

But the question remained as to whether an eye essence even work like a regular facial essence does–specifically, the toning type? Will it help my eye cream’s absorption? Can it replace my eye cream entirely?

Turns out, an eye essence can, in fact, replace the eye cream you may already be using or is an excellent way to start off with a lighter, thinner formula for those who haven’t tried eye-area treatments much before. However, it’s important to know that you don’t need both–rather, the two are different options depending on the needs of the delicate area surrounding the eye. Specifically, it’s imperative to find a formula with active ingredients that will target any issues you may have.


Whamisa Organic Flowers Eye Essence ($40), for example, is ideal for those who have sensitive skin around the eyes that is prone to irritation, redness, or flakiness. Because its solvent (or base ingredient) is aloe vera extract, rather than water, moisture is not only retained by the skin, but the essence helps to increase absorption of those good-for-you ingredients, too.


Another type of eye essence that’s been saturating the market–pun intended–is the eye sheet mask. The Wish Formula Bat Essence Eye Mask ($4/each), for what it’s worth, will help you feel like a badass superhero, too. Similar to the Whamisa formulation in that its liquid-based, the main difference between the two is with the additional active ingredients and the delivery method. Using a 100% cotton mask, like the Wish one employs, helps to increase moisture and skin-loving ingredient absorption in a more concentrated manner.

Eye creams and gels, alternatively, are a bit more viscous and provide more occlusive hydration, meaning they tend to create a greater barrier between your skin and the environment. However, because of the myriad issues you can treat, no two eye creams are the same, so make sure you read the label first.

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