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Experience “Velvet-Skin”: Ultra Dewy and Ready to Absorb

As we know, hydrated skin is healthier skin. This is the foundational rule behind K-Beauty that helps people of all skin tones and types transform their complexions for the better. There are some ingredients that are native to Asian skincare that we rarely see in Western beauty, and Galactomyces is one of these culprits: pronounced gah-lac-toe-my-sees, it’s extracted from sake yeast and is a powerhouse of essential compounds that brighten, soften, and promote cell renewal to reveal more radiant skin. The fermentation of Galactomyces helps to increase the bioavailability of the extract, helping it to deeply penetrate the skin, effortlessly delivering a host of skin smoothing, anti-aging benefits.

Galactomyces was discovered when sake manufacturers continued to have sooth, youthful looking hands well into old age even though their work was very rough. Galactomyces is also the star ingredient in some luxury treatment essences that have flooded the market in the last few years (you know the one).

As usual, Yuripibu has outdone themselves and created multiple potent delivery methods to get this wonder-ingredient onto the skin: an ampoule and cream, both packed with super high concentrations – the Cream has over 60% Galactomyces Ferment while the Ampoule has a whopping 96% concentration.


Our tester panel got a sneak peek at the Ampoule, testing it for 2 weeks and reporting back with their honest reviews. Here’s what they had to say about the Cellum Amaid Ampoule:

“I haven’t used an actual essence before. I feel in love with this and again hate that I can’t buy it now. My skin became so soft, bright and moisturized instantly!!! When I would wake up it looked like my skin had healed itself and when washing in the morning and using makeup it went on smoother.” – Darby

“This was the perfect addition to my skincare routine to give a little extra oomph when my skin needs it most.” – Nedia


The super softening Cellum Ampoule

We’ve said it once (or maybe twice), and we’ll say it again: skin is like a sponge – when hydrated, it absorbs products, nutrients, and hydration even better. Think of Yuripibu’s new Cellum line as your routine’s BFF that supports and adds what Nedia referred to as that oomph.

Get your glow on!

The GR Team

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  • thatgirlinnewyork Jan 14, 2017 3:12 pm

    Are you no longer carrying the Cellum products, or are they temporarily unavailable? Need to get more fermented products into my anti-aging regimen!

  • esp915 Sep 24, 2016 3:57 pm

    Cellum Amaid is an amazing line! I started using the essence about six or eight months ago and it's really changed my skin. Do you have any plans on carrying the sheet masks (hint hint - possibly for the GlowMystery box 3)? There is an asiatica hydrogel and a cellum amaid hydrogel! I have yet to try Yuri Pibu sheet masks, I'm very curious how they measure up to the Soyedodam and Whamisa sheet masks.

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