Exactly How to Get Glass Skin in 5 Easy Steps

Move over baby skin, there’s a new #skingoal in town. We’re talking about a complexion so smooth, so translucent, so clear that it looks like, well, a pane of glass. It’s called—you guessed it—glass skin and its calling card is a super smooth, ultra-glossy, reflective-like finish. How to make it happen in real life? You’ll need to continually (but gently) disintegrate dull, dead skin cells and keep skin hydrated to the max. Here’s how:

Step 1: Double Cleanse

You won’t achieve glass skin by haphazardly swiping a cleansing cloth over your face at the end of the day. For a truly poreless complexion, you’ve got to dissolve every trace of makeup, oil, sweat, dirt, and pollutants before calling it a night. Most regular cleansers won’t cut it either, especially if you’re dealing with long-wearing formulas or heavy-duty sunscreen.

To thoroughly cleanse without stripping, massage an oil-based cleanser like Yuri Pibu [which translates as “glass skin” in English] Grante Cleansing Oil on dry skin first. Rinse with lukewarm water (it breaks down residue better than cold), then do your second cleanse with a hydrating formula like Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser. To keep flakes at bay and pores clear, swap in an exfoliating cleanser like Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel a few nights a week. When you’re done, let your face air dry—every drop of water on it means more moisture for your skin.

Step 2: Do the 7 Skin Method

The secret to getting glass skin at home is a hydrating toner—and lots of it. You’ll want to apply multiple layers—seven to be exact—to get a lit-from-within glow. It may seem fussy, but doesn’t actually take that long and ends up feeling more like a treatment than a chore—promise!

The how-to: While skin is still damp, use your fingers to press on a dime-sized amount of toner. We like Whamisa Organic Flowers Deep Rich Essence Toner; it’s packed with aloe vera and oat kernel extract, which help give skin that bouncy feel. Let it sit for a few seconds before repeating six more times. What you’ll see is noticeably plumped up skin—like your face just drank a tall glass of water. Really can’t be bothered with extra steps? Cheat hydration by applying a moisturizing sheet mask like this one from Whamisa at least twice a week.  

Step 3: Apply an Essence

It’s no surprise that the glass skin routine requires a hydrating essence. After all, it’s the signature move of every Korean woman’s beauty ritual. Look for a glycerin and squalane-laced formula like Yuri Pibu Artichoke Power Essence: The former ingredient pulls water from the atmosphere into your skin, while the latter helps strengthen barrier function so it looks more even over time. Pat—don’t rub—it in to prevent tugging, which can stretch out the skin and cause wrinkles.

Step 4: Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

By now you know that glass skin can’t happen without major moisture. You may have a bounty of creams on your vanity, but what you need is something containing serious skin-plumping and moisture-trapping oils like the ones in Make P:rem Tension Cream. They lock in hydration, leaving normal, dry—even oily—skin smoother, softer, and slightly shiny in a really good way. Another good idea if you’re dry: A few spritzes of face mist on top for an instant boost of hydration. Our go-to: Whamisa Hydrating Double Layer Mist.

Step 5: Protect with SPF

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You’ve made an investment in your skin, so don’t blow it on UV damage. During the day—rain or shine—use a broad-spectrum sunscreen to guard against fine lines, wrinkles, and brown spots. Our holy grail of SPF, Make P:rem Blue Ray Sun Gel, sinks right in and imparts that lit-from-within glow that glass skin requires. Plus, its lightweight texture makes it perfect to sport solo or under makeup.

Extra Credit

Want quicker results? A gentle water-based exfoliant like Blithe Patting Splash Mask Rejuvenating, applied two to three times a week in the shower, can further boost cell turnover and make way for a fresher, smoother complexion. Follow up with a supercharged face mask like the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask to seal in moisture while you catch up on Z’s.

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