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Does Your Skin Give Away Whether You’re Right or Left-handed?


While we’ll be uploading our interview with Dr. Ro of Koracle Dermatology shortly, we wanted to give you a teaser of one of the many insights we gained from our talk. Koracle Dermatology (called Oracle Dermatology in Korea) boasts a network of over 70 dermatology clinics – the largest number of dermatology clinics in Korea and branches in China, Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines. Dr. Oracle Cosmetics was created in 2006 and almost 100 dermatologists collaborated on the products to create formulas that were highly effective but suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.


Oracle Dermatology, Chungdam branch, Seoul

One of the things that shocked us was when Dr. Ro successfully guessed which hand we predominantly used. He said that this was common because women tend to use more skincare products on whatever side of their face was close to their dominant hand. So for example, if you were left-handed, and most likely using your left hand to apply skincare, most of your skincare was being applied to the left side of your face.

During our nightly skincare routines, we realized that while we theoretically knew that we were supposed to dot our serum and cream on the cheeks, forehead and chin before spreading, we were actually scooping up, or a pumping a certain amount of formula onto our fingertips and indeed, was slathering most of it on one side, then spreading whatever was left on the other. While a few nights of doing this wouldn’t matter, but can you imagine the impact of favoring one side of your face for years?

Since this revelation, we’ve been trying to be more conscious when applying our skincare products. We’re big believers in the little things adding up to make a difference in the long run. So show your ‘other’ side some love tonight 🙂

Get your glow on,

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