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DanceBody’s Katia Pryce Reveals Her Healthy Skin Secrets

If you’ve ever asked yourself how you’re supposed to effectively exercise and take care of your skin at the same time, you’re far from alone. A good sweat session, while great to get the blood pumping and revive blah skin, can also cause clogged pores and splotchiness.

The good news? You don’t have to give up your regular fitness routine in order to have great skin. We went straight to the source to ask Katia Pryce, founder of the insanely popular  DanceBody workout, to share her pre- and post-workout skin-care routine, along with her best advice for keeping your skin in tip-top shape while getting your body there, too.

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But first, a quick primer on Pryce: After living and breathing fitness her whole life, she finally founded her own brand — DanceBody — which marries cardio-based dance workouts with motivating music to work your muscles in ways they never have before. It’s been blowing up in New York City and in Miami, making Pryce a bona fide fitness sensation.

Turns out, like many of us, Pryce struggled with her skin as a teen, so she’s always been extra careful and diligent about what she does before, during, and after a workout. “I am slightly psycho about my skin because I grew up having really bad acne and still deal with it at times as an adult so my regimen is insane,” she reveals.


Before getting active, Pryce is all about prep. “[After cleansing], I moisturize and use SPF every single morning, no matter what,” she says of her skin-care staples. She adds that she usually foregoes makeup, aside from a touch of waterproof mascara. “I try to wear very little makeup on my skin when I workout because of all the sweat.”

During a DanceBody class, Pryce has one rule when it comes to her breakout-prone complexion: Do. Not. Touch. “The best advice I ever got was to never ever touch my face unless my hands are 100% clean, so I try not to at all while I am working out unless it’s with a fresh towel!” she says.


Post-class, Pryce is a less-is-more type of person. Rather than re-wash her face, she opts for facial mists to help pack on the hydration without stripping the skin of its natural oils. “If your skin is on the drier side of the spectrum, a lightweight lotion or cream should do the trick without clogging your pores. Just be sure to use a gentle cleansing pad first to remove any sweat, as those textures can trap sweat and excess oil in your pores.


While Pryce has a few in her rotation, she says the one facial spray she keeps coming back to  is Glow Recipe’s new Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist. “I love it because I feel like I can use it anytime for a quick boost,” she muses. “It doesn’t matter if it’s morning, night, under makeup, over makeup — it always fits in, plus the scent is a complete upper, so it works for me!”

For those not yet familiar with Watermelon Glow, it’s an ultra-fine (hence its name) bi-phase mist made with a nourishing layer of rice germ oil, which is high in vitamin E, and hydrators like pumpkin seed oil and hyaluronic acid. It also features 84% of watermelon in the form of watermelon fruit extract and watermelon seed oil, both of which work by soothing distressed complexions and delivering vital nutrients to the skin. With just one spritz, you’re left looking — and feeling — well-hydrated and healthy.

Pryce’s last piece of advice when it comes to skin? “The more accepting you can be of your skin, the better it will become. No one really sees those tiny imperfections but you!”

What are your gym skincare secrets? Share below!

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