Brand-New Makeup Primers So Good for Skin, You Can Wear Them to Bed


If you had asked us how to smooth, spackle, hydrate, glow-ify, camouflage pores/lines yesterday, we would have told you to do the 7-skin method 2.0, throw on some J.One Jelly Pack, and call it a day. But that was before Blithe InBetween, a new game-changing skincare range featuring four breakthrough products that blend the best of both worlds: Results-delivering skincare formulations with makeup-prepping benefits that can be used day and night.

“Skin prep is the most important thing to make your foundation and concealer look like it’s not there,” says NYC-based makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes. “So using the right products to inject hydration and plump up the skin beforehand can make the biggest difference in how your makeup looks and lasts.” And the inventive Korean skincare brand, known for its multitasking innovations (see Gold Apricot Pressed Serum and Patting Splash Masks), has finally cracked the skin-smoothing, pore-minimizing, glow-inducing, foundation-ready code to making that happen. Here’s a closer look at what they do and how they work.

InBetween Makeup Prep Essence

A lightweight essence that’s jam-packed with fermented soybeans, rice, and tomato leaf extract to fortify the skin’s natural barrier and act as a shield between your face and makeup (so it won’t budge, smear, or discolor)—and everything else your skin comes into contact with on the daily like dirt, dust, and pollutants. It’s lightweight and won’t clog pores either, so it works for every skin type—even oily girls. Use it as you would any other serum after thorough cleansing and toning.

InBetween Instant Glowing Cream

Infused with reparative niacinamide and moisture-locking glycerin, this satiny formula does a lot of heavy lifting so you actually need less foundation and concealer in the first place. What you do wear, glides on more evenly and stays put throughout the day. And since pearl powder boosts radiance to give skin an otherworldly glow without the over-the-top shimmer of a highlighter, it can also be used alone as a skin perfector in place of or on top of moisturizer.

InBetween Hydro Priming Cream

This is the one to turn to if you need major moisture, since it’s spiked with skin-plumping squalane and free radical-fighting probiotics. But thanks to its silky, watery gel-cream texture that sinks right in, it’s a smart go-to for all skin types that are looking for a dewy, soft-focus finish. Smooth it on over (if you need extra hydration) or in place of your current morning moisturizer before SPF and foundation.

InBetween Tone Correcting Cream

Part moisturizer, part primer, and wholly a miracle cream that smacks down redness and blotchiness with niacinamide and lavender oil. It provides instant brightening to leave skin looking softer, smoother, and more even, while also working to fade dark spots over time. It’s thicker and more velvety than the other formulas, so it’s best for those with dry skin. Just warm a pea-sized amount between your palms and gently press it in over toner and essence. Top it all off with SPF and base makeup for a truly flawless finish.

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