Boss Babes: Nancy Twine, Founder of Briogeo

As a company created by two women, we know how important it is to celebrate women who are trailblazers in their respective fields. That’s why we’ve started our Boss Babes series. Each month we’ll highlight one woman who’s leading the way and is absolutely crushing it, in business and in life. Here, they’ll answer questions on everything from how they started out and advice they think every woman should know, plus their beauty routines and how they take care of themselves. This month: Nancy Twine of Briogeo.

As anyone with textured hair knows, finding hair products that truly work without compromising quality can be a struggle. It’s something Nancy Twine is intimately familiar with and one that she holds near and dear to her heart. A former Wall Street go-getter, experiencing a personal tragedy led Nancy down a path to creating her own natural line, Briogeo. Since that launch, the brand has racked up rave review after rave review, become an instant bestseller, and made Nancy the youngest African-American woman to launch a collection at Sephora — all before her 30th birthday! 

We spoke with Nancy about what inspires her, plus how she manages to keep calm in stressful times and how a gallon(!) of water a day has transformed her skin.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you start your business? Why did you choose this as your passion?
In 2014, I quit my job on Wall Street to pursue my dream of creating a natural hair care line inspired by times I spent making hair products with my mother and grandmother. In 2010, I was working my way up the corporate ladder on Wall Street when my mother suddenly passed away. This tragic event caused me to evaluate my career choice and really think about what my passion was. I was brought back to memories of making natural hair products with my mother and grandmother in their kitchens. I had actually started playing with formulations and making products in my studio apartment before I quit my job. It wasn’t until I presented at a trade show and saw how well it was received that I knew I had made something that was filling a blank space in the marketplace — clean hair care for all. 

Are there any particular moments that stand out as a defining moment for you personally/professionally?
Last year was such a pivotal year for Briogeo. We had massive global expansion which was  a huge accomplishment for us. It really proves that natural hair care for all is a global and diverse trend. Not to mention the response to our brand has been phenomenal!

What was your biggest achievement, the one you are most proud of?
Being the youngest African American woman to launch a collection at Sephora is something that I was so honored to accomplish. This paired with the fact that Briogeo is the fastest growing hair care brand at Sephora is something that I am super proud of. I hope these accomplishments show that there is no limit for what women can achieve. If you have a deep rooted passion and drive then anything can be accomplished. 

What do you do to unwind?
Unplugging from the stresses of running your own company is so important. I have a few regular activities that I rotate into my schedule and I’m a big believer in making my Sundays count in terms of self care. It allows me to unwind and then start the week with a fresh outlook and renewed energy  Some of my favorite things to do are facial massage, acupuncture, workout, and manicure & pedicure to name a few! 

Any beauty secrets you want to share?
Keep it simple! I notice my body, skin and hair are their best when I don’t change up my products or pile on too many products at a time. Find a few great products that work for you and use them consistently. Your skin, hair, and body will thank you!  

Best skincare advice you’ve ever received?
Drink water! This is my number one tip to healthy, glowing skin! When I started drinking about a gallon of water a day I saw a huge improvement in my skin. My skin is more radiant and has more bounce. Although it’s something that takes some effort it’s worth it–no cream or serum can truly replenish dehydrated skin like water can! 

Who is your biggest personal/professional inspiration and why?
I admire all female entrepreneurs as we’re all leaving our own blueprint for success in the beauty category and beyond. However, my biggest heroes are women that are much closer to home. The inspiration behind Briogeo stems from traditions passed down from my mother and grandmother.  I learned early on how to be resourceful and persevere. Their influence is definitely the foundation for not only the brand but who I am today.

What are your goals for 2019, both for yourself and your business?
Briogeo celebrated our 5 year anniversary last year and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve achieved in such a small amount of time. Everything from international expansion to entering the wellness category. As we continue to grow my number one goal is to keep true to Briogeo’s values and continue to deliver best in class clean beauty products for all!

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