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Blossom Jeju Essence Oil: January’s Glow Gamechanger

The Blossom Jeju Essence Oil is January’s Glow Gamechanger– a monthly product feature highlighting a treatment that will change your skincare game forever. For a limited time, shop the Essence Oil at a game-changing price here.

What better way to kick off 2017 than with this OG treatment? Last month we delved into the similarly named Huxley Oil Essence, a more watery treatment that, by name, is more essence than oil. Likewise, the Gold Soombi Essence Oil is more oil, with ingredients thrown in that maximize the power and potential of it’s base, just like a traditional essence does for the skincare routine!

I’ve always been struck by the beauty of the Blossom Jeju line. The obvious reason is their beautiful packaging (it has inspired many a glam shoot in our offices!), but I think my true love for this natural line comes from how elegantly simple it is. Blossom Jeju’s formulas are clean and straightforward, always hinging on their namesake blossom, the Camellia, which is native to Jeju island in Korea where the brand’s founder was raised. Camellia oil is a superstar for skin nutrition, and it boasts more antioxidant power than almost any other existing oil- that’s a seriously solid statement ingredient from perhaps the most beautiful brand in the K-Beauty game.

The Blossom Jeju Essence Oil condenses everything there is to love about two familiar skincare categories into one velvet-soft treatment oil. The golden hued liquid is a hybrid of repairing oils, brightness enhancing Astaxanthin, and natural antioxidant powerhouse Quercetin. The formula fights visible signs of aging and photodamage, all while imbuing skin with serious radiance. Camellia Oil acts as the base texture here, imbuing skin with lasting softness, while Coconut, Chamomile, and Rose Seed oils balance and soothe, imbuing a lighter touch than pure Camellia Oil has on it’s own and transforming the texture into a treatment suitable for all skin types.

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But what sets the Essence Oil apart from the pack? Short answer: the super-nutritious ingredient list coupled with the luxe, infinitely customizable texture. While oils can seem like a terrifying concept to my oily skin compadres, it’s the products like this that break the mold. The mixture of thin and thick oils, along with rare, nutritious Astaxanthin and Quercetin make the texture of the Essence Oil light and dewy, leaving skin feeling protected instead of greasy. Dry skin feels softened and soothed, while combination-oily types feel nourished and protected.

The versatile formula is the perfect cure-all that can also multitask to hydrate dry lips, the undereye, and chapped cuticles. For daily application, use the Essence Oil immediately after your favorite toner to seal in moisture and protect skin, or mix a few drops into your moisturizer at the tail end of your routine to boost glow and DIY a sleeping mask. Use a drop of Essence Oil on your foundation brush or cushion puff for flawless makeup application, or a few drops as a deeply hydrating lip treatment before your favorite lipstick!

glow recipe blossom jeju essence oil
I’ve road-tested this gorgeous treatment in a myriad of unexpected ways, always with the same result: a healthy, allover glow that won’t quit and a seriously nourished canvas that’s visibly brightened and plumped. My absolute favorite way to use the Essence Oil takes a cue from Blossom Jeju’s own 2 Step Petal Masks (the first of their kind to bring oils and sheet masks together in one package). I apply 4 drops of the Essence Oil, then layer my favorite sheet mask on top- the penetration enhancing properties of the mask itself help the oil to absorb deeply into my skin, leaving me with absolutely no oily residue- just a dewiness that belies happy, protected, deeply nourished skin!

This time-saving, nutritious boost is just the ticket for winter skin. Shop the Essence Oil on our Glow Gamechanger page until January 31st, and let us know your thoughts and leave us your reviews online and on social media using #GlowGamechanger- we cannot wait to hear what you think!

Happy gamechanging,

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