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Why 2019 Was Our Best Year Yet

We don’t know about you, but 2019 was a huge year for us. We launched 4 new products and made a ton of amazing content. In honor of the end of an era and the start of a new decade, here are our 9 favorite stories from this past year.

How To Layer Your Acids With Vitamin C

Vitamin C is incredible for your skin, but using it can sometimes be confusing. Consider this your official Vitamin C layering guide.

6 Ways To Make Your Routine Sustainable

Sustainability is extremely important to us and we’re so excited to share some developments with you in 2020. In the meantime, check out these tips for helping to make your routine more eco-friendly.

Boss Babes: Michelle Lee, EIC of ‘Allure’

This year, we launched our Boss Babes series to highlight our favorite game-changing females. If you haven’t read them yet, our interview with Allure Editor-In-Chief Michelle Lee is a great place to start.

Glass Skin Tutorial for Acne-Prone Skin With Nina Park

For this year’s Glowipedia™, our skin care and makeup lookbook, we teamed up with celebrity makeup artist Nina Park. Start by watching our glass skin tutorial for acne-prone skin, then check the rest of the series.

7 Surprising Reasons You’re Breaking Out

Pimples happen! Instead of stressing out, appreciate your skin in all of its states and then identify the cause so you can prevent future breakouts from forming.

Why You Should Be Using Encapsulated Ingredients

If you don’t already know, we’re big fans of encapsulated ingredients. Read up on their various benefits and we’re sure you will be, too.

Texture Talk: The Secret To Smooth, Clear Skin

There’s no such thing as truly flawless skin, but if you transform its texture, you can come pretty close.

The Glow Guide To Hormones & Your Skin

Watch just one episode of Big Mouth and you know just how much impact hormones can have on everything. We put together some guides to help you better understand your body’s changes and the effects they have on your skin.

And the launch of our In The Bag series!

Ever wanted to take a look into the beauty bags of your favorite micro-influencers? Look no further than this new series.

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