Beauty Sleep: 6 Ways to Look Better the Next Morning

I’m a big fan of multi-tasking, especially for skincare. While I really enjoy doing my daily skincare routine, I don’t always have time for a 20 minute routine at night, which is why you’ll find me sheet-masking in ubers, or using an in-shower mask (like the one from Make P:rem that ‘hugs’ the face in the shower).

I find the several hours of sleep I get each night to be the best window of time to maximize my skincare and beauty routine, without putting in much extra effort. It’s like having a superstar team that does the work for you while you’re getting your Zs. An added bonus is that skin is especially receptive to repairing itself at night, since it’s not battling the usual environmental elements present in the day time.

Here are my 6 tips to getting the beauty sleep of your dreams.

1. Make it easy
While some nights, I feel like I’m on top of it, other nights I’m exhausted and sorely tempted to go to sleep without applying anything after cleansing. I leave a tray of essentials next to my bed – lip balm, hand cream, facial oil, mist, etc so that I can seal in one last round of moisture all over before I go to bed – which often happens when I’m lying down with closed eyes.

2. Use an eye mask
Getting a solid night of deep sleep in itself helps your complexion just as much as a routine. As I started to frequently travel back and forth Korea, I was noticing that the constant jetlag and time zone differences were starting to impact my sleep pattern. The Cool Enough Studio sleep mask has been a life saver as I find I get much better sleep when the light is blocked off – and the incredibly soft, breathable terry that’s machine washable makes it practical to boot.

3. 3, 5, 7 Skin it. 
As we sleep, our skin naturally loses water, which is why skin can feel flaky and parched in the morning without a good routine. Night time is a good time to generous apply hydrating and nourishing formulas to keep skin supple and plumped. This doesn’t mean you need a elaborate routine with ten different products – an easy to way double up on hydration is to reapply the products you already have. After double cleansing, then patting skin dry instead of using a towel, I like to do at least a 3 skin method with a hydrating toner, by dispensing a few drops and patting each time. This way I wake up to hydrated, glowy skin without fail.

4. Keep it clean
Scrolling one last time through your Instagram feed is probably a common bedtime routine for many. One thing to remember is that your phone can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, and we touch our faces hundreds of times a night while sleeping. Making sure that your phone is clean before touching it in bed, or leaving the phone out of the bed room can help keep inflammation producing bacteria away from your skin. I also tie up my hair in a loose bun so that the natural oils from my hair aren’t touching my face.

5. Don’t forget the antioxidants
Antioxidants help to defend your skin and are a must have in the day time, as the perfect pairing to your sunscreen. As your skin has more resources to repair itself from the day’s damages at nighttime, lend it a helping hand with another boost of antioxidants at night. This will help neutralize any free radicals, letting your skin focus on repairing and restoring itself. My recent go-to has been the Whamisa by Glow Recipe Chai Serum-in-Cream, which is packed with red tea antioxidants and has a whipped texture that layers nicely under a moisturizer or overnight mask.

6. Overnight masks
Last but not least, overnight masks or ‘sleeping’ masks are a low effort way to squeeze a weekly treatment into your routine. I have a rotation of a few that I use depending on how my skin feels – if my skin feels dull or tired, Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask, if I need a quick boost of moisture without greasiness, the J.One Black Jelly.  Remember to thoroughly cleanse before using a mask so that your skin is clogged with dead skin cells that can block the actives from where they need to go! 

Any tips that you have to maximize your beauty sleep? Let me know in the comments!

Get your glow on,

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