Beauty in the Raw: Brand Deep Dive on Primary Raw


You know that bubbling feeling of excitement and anticipation right before you open a package or present? That’s what is feels like to unveil and reveal new beauty and skincare products at Glow Recipe! We’re ecstatic to introduce you to a full skincare routine from new brand Primary Raw for multiple reasons:

  • Primary Raw’s products cover every recent skincare trend from the milk peel (close sibling to the aqua peel), aqua filling, waterless formulations, and more.
  • Besides innovation, the products’ active ingredients are unique, effective, and natural.
  • The cherry on top? Beautifully designed packaging that is reusable and easily upcycled.

Without further ado, an abbreviated primer and introduction to Primary Raw.


You ‘DoYou

The key component to Primary Raw’s DoYou line is fermented soy bean and soy milk extract, which is fitting since DoYou means soy milk in Korean. Soy beans are a naturally rich source of protein, and as a skincare ingredient, soy extracts provide antioxidants and hydrating effects.

The fermentation process doubles soy extract’s power by creating lactobacillus. If that is a familiar name, it is the same ‘friendly bacteria,’ or probiotic, found in fermented foods like yogurt, kimchi, soybean paste, and kombucha tea. Just to refresh your memory, probiotics and fermented ingredients help to strengthen, hydrate, and relieve skin which results in a calm, bright, and youthful appearance. Primary Raw has you covered so you can do you with naturally radiant and hydrated skin.


The Routine

We’re all about the quick and easy Korean skincare routine tailored for a busy lifestyle. Primary Raw created only the essentials for a streamlined, yet effective routine.


Starting with the DoYouganic Cleansing Soap, this cleanser lathers into a rich, SLS-free foam which easily removes makeup without resistance while deeply cleaning out pores and nourishing skin with natural plant oils.

After cleansing, an optional treatment is the DoYou 2-Step Milk Peeling Kit. A close sibling to the aqua peel, the milk peel is a trend that utilizes lactic acid in conjunction with soothing soy milk extracts for gentle exfoliation. The first step is the fun, jumbo-sized Q-tip applicator to remove dead skin cells with precision. The second step is a sheet mask infused with soy extracts and chamomile to return moisture to the skin.


Follow up with the DoYou Soy Milk Ferment Cleanse Toner or the DoYou Soy Milk Ferment Essence Toner. The Cleanse Toner focuses on evacuating and tightening pores while the Essence Toner emphasizes hydration and nourishment. Both products balance, prime, and prep skin with waterless formulations; use them individually for your specific skin concerns or use them together as a full treatment. Each bottle comes with a compressed coin that blooms into a full sheet mask when soaked in a capful of product. Seriously, what a smart idea.

doyou cream

Suitable for all skin types, the DoYou Soy Milk Cream is a rich, yet lightweight moisturizer that firms and brightens skin with high concentrations of soy extract. The DoYou Azulene Gel Cream is a unique gel-like moisturizer that absorbs instantly with added capsules of vitamin E to ‘aqua fill’ the skin with lasting hydration and nourishment. This duo of moisturizers is housed in these absolutely darling jars that would make a great addition to your beauty collection.

When all you’re left with is glowing skin and an empty jar, upcycle and re-purpose the jar!

Get your glow on,

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