Awake Your Face! 4 Quick Hangover Beauty Tips

Happy new year! We wish everyone health and happiness in 2016!


A long, fun-filled night can take its toll on the skin. We’ve rounded up 5 easy hangover beauty tips so that you can start off the first day of the year, looking refreshed and awake.

1. Calm Swelling

Alcohol causes inflammation and fluid retention, which can lead to a puffy, bloated face. In the morning, splash skin vigorously with cold water (or splash a capful of splash mask onto your face in the shower) and gently pat to relieve swelling. Another trick is to apply chilled teabags or cucumber slices to the closed eyes for 5~10 minutes. Even a bag of peas from the freezer will do the trick! Finally, a quick pressure point massage will help with fluid drainage – use the knuckles of your pointer fingers to gently press and release along the orbital bones around your eyes.

2. Rehydrate

Dehydration is a common symptom of  a hangover. It’s helpful to refresh your system with plenty of fluid intake, but also with a generous dose of hydration for your body’s largest organ…your skin! Spritz on a mist to rehydrate skin throughout the day and use a comforting moisturizer with moisture binding ingredients such as hyaluronic acid during your skin care routine. Combine this with drinking fruit infused water, instead of caffeine to hydrate from the inside out.

3. Detoxify

In the morning, eat a piece of fruit that’s high in fructose, such as a slice of watermelon or an apple. Fructose (a type of sugar) aids the liver in breaking down alcohol and process it more quickly. A skin-detoxifying treatment that’s a Korean facial staple is a rubber mask – these powder-to-rubber masks help to purify and detoxify skin. An added bonus is that as the mask rubberizes, it instantly becomes cool to the touch, helping to soothe and calm irritated skin.

4. Ease Inflammation

Help ease skin inflammation by staying out of the sun (or using SPF) and using an antioxidant. Any concentrated serum with ingredients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, propolis, or botanicals such as Rose or Camu Camu will help relieve inflammation. It’s also been shown in recent studies that consistent use of antioxidants can help soothe skin troubles and blemishes, which often plague skin after a long night – as oxidized sebum on the skin can lead to break outs.

We hope these tips help and here’s to a glowing 2016!

The Glow Recipe team

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