All The Ways To Use The New #AvoRetinol Sleeping Mask

We’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve raved about sleeping masks. Because they truly are a hero product — they bring a whole new meaning to the term “beauty sleep.” While you snooze, your skin (as well as your whole body) goes into repair mode, meaning it’s the perfect time to incorporate powerful, rejuvenating ingredients. But, did you know that sleeping masks can also do wonders for your skin in the daytime, too?

Our new Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping Mask was designed to truly transform skin overnight, but we also wanted it to be your go-to product to save stressed-out skin regardless of the time of day. Here, we’re breaking down all of our favorite ways to make the most of our newest skin star.

Overnight Sensation

We’ll start with the most obvious: nighttime. The Avocado Retinol formula is full of nourishing, hydrating ingredients, so this mask can replace a traditional moisturizer at the end of your nighttime routine. All you need is a dime-sized amount — the mask will feel a bit thick on the skin at first, but will sink in fully before you hit the hay. Pat it all over your face after you apply your eye products and serums. In the morning, wash your face with a gentle cleanser, and follow up with your daily skin-care routine (don’t forget your sunscreen!).

Fresh In A Flash

Another tried-and-true way to use your favorite overnight mask is as a flash mask. Just as the name implies, it will instantly refresh skin that’s feeling dull, dry, or for when you want a glowy and hydrated base for makeup.

Start with a clean face — if you’re applying first thing in the morning, there’s no need to cleanse. Next, take a heaping scoop (about twice as much as you would use at night), and use your fingertips to apply it in an even layer all over your face. Let the mask work its magic for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash it off with your favorite cleanser. Follow with your skin-care and makeup routine!

Neck Rescue

It’s important to remember that your neck (and often your chest) is exposed to the same amount of sun and pollution as your face. Not to mention those two are often some of the first areas to show signs of aging with fine lines and dark spots. Meaning it’s a smart move to extend your skin-care routine below your chin. 

Our new Avocado Retinol formula is made with encapsulated retinol, which stimulates collagen production that keeps skin firm and helps to plump the skin. This can help to reduce signs of “tech neck,” a frighteningly catchy name for the exaggerated lines that form as a result of constantly looking down at digital devices. Encapsulated retinol also helps to brighten any dark spots that may appear on the collarbone and chest area from regular sun exposure.

To apply, start with a heaping spoonful of the Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping Mask. Apply it all all over your neck and areas of the chest that are often exposed. It’s best to do this while wearing a towel, fresh out of the shower. Wait a minute for the mask to sink in fully before putting on your pj’s and heading to bed. Wash it off in the shower the next morning, and don’t forget to extend your moisturizer and other skin care products to your neck and chest — we’re talking serums, creams, and sunscreen. You can treat this area about 1-2 times a week.

Avocado To The Rescue
Sometimes, despite taking the best care of your complexion, your skin will have a full-on freak out. This can be in response to extreme weather changes, increased stress, or a bad reaction to other skin-care products. What’s worse is that these kinds of reactions tend to manifest as blotchy and uneven spots. Thankfully, the Avocado Retinol mask was made with stressed-out skin especially in mind. 

Use the mask to treat problem areas after you’ve applied your nighttime skin-care routine. If you’re not using it all over, you can apply this mask on top of your normal nighttime moisturizer wherever it’s needed. To help smooth flaky skin, this formula includes PHA, a super-gentle exfoliant that helps to re-texturize your skin’s surface. Additionally, PHA and retinol work together like best buds, plumping and rejuvenating the skin from the inside out. In addition, avocado oil, avocado extract, and hyaluronic acid work to seal in moisture and provide essential, nourishing hydration to soothe those rough spots overnight.

Out Damn Spot
Decades ago, retinoids made a name for themselves as acne-fighting powerhouses. While incredibly effective at unclogging pores and preventing congestion, they were also known for their harsh side effects. Enter encapsulated retinol, the gentle giant of our new Avocado Retinol mask. It has all the acne-fighting benefits of its predecessor paired with a gentler delivery system that releases this power player gradually in order to avoid irritation. We also mixed in soothing chamomile and calming aloe, so you get the best of both worlds.

To spot treat acne, use your fingertips to dab the mask onto any breakouts or inflamed pimples. It’s best to do this after your serum step and before moisturizer to make sure the active ingredients can sink below the surface of the skin to get to the root of the blemish. When applying moisturizer over top, make sure you pat it in gently, as to not disturb your spot treatment. In the morning, wash your face as you normally would. Your breakouts should be calm, cool, and well on their way to recovery. 


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