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A Breath of Fresh Air for My Spring Skincare

The only time I’ve really thought of parsley is when I see a sprig perched on top of my pasta at a restaurant, or as the ingredient that I sheepishly skim over in a Martha Stewart recipe that I’m trying to ‘lazy-hack’. Parsley tends to be the foot note of the herb world but recently it’s risen to all-star status in my skincare routine.

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This is clearly not a shot of my kitchen. Photo credit: ewkazuk/istock/Getty Images

I’ve been using the Yuripibu Parsley Toner in my routine for several weeks now, and it’s been a lifesaver throughout a dry winter and now the changing seasons. My skin is fairly healthy, though on the drier side, but with any fluctuation in temperature comes a host of breakouts and redness as my skin tries to adjust. And with NYC weather being in the 20s one day and the 50s the next, my skincare routine has been put to the test.

The Glow Recipe team has been obsessed with Yuripibu for months as you can see on Sarah’s review of the Artichoke Essence. Housed in each minimalist glass bottle were formulas that were just knockouts in terms of results and ingredient lists. While I was on a Yuripibu kick – everything from the Artichoke Power Essence to the Cucu Black Truffle Cream, I was a little hesitant about the Parsley Herb Toner. I knew that parsley was a rich source of Vitamins C & K, flavonoids and folic acid, but I had also heard about it being used in home remedies to help tone and balance oilier skin types.

Turns out I needn’t have worried in the least. The Parsley Herb Toner is packed with 60% pure parsley extract in a cooling, refreshing formula that left my skin super soothed.  As it’s so concentrated, I only needed to use a few drops on my palm and gently pat it into my face. And my once-a-week treat was to drench a few cotton pads with the formula and leave it on my cheeks and forehead as a mini-facial. The Parsley Herb Toner also has a pleasant herbal scent without any added synthetic fragrance, which I love as I’ve been known to lie awake at night after using overly scented products.

After a month of consistent use, I found my skin to be brighter, softer and less irritated. Toners tend to be the step that is easiest to neglect in your routine, but using this toner before my serum and moisturizer helped my skin feel extra plumped and hydrated. It just seems to be able to soak up skincare better and for longer. And it’s always good to tick off the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient boxes that are the building blocks of a strong anti-aging skincare routine. Who knew that parsley was so much more than a garnish? I might even start using it in the kitchen now 🙂


Want to kick off your spring skincare routine? I’m doing a giveaway for the Parsley Herbal Toner on my Instagram account. Follow @glowrecipe & @christine_glow, leave a comment about your favorite spring herb and tag a friend. Winner will be announced 3/16, good luck!

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  • Kickin_it_in_wyoming Apr 16, 2017 4:28 pm

    Hello, I would love to try this product, but I am worried about one of its ingredients, alcohol. It seems like when alcohol is in a product my face dries out horribly bad. I have acne and am combination skin type, what are your thoughts in this type of a situation? Thanks!

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