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A New Exfoliating HG: Salon de Tte

Going to the bathhouse a few times a month with my grandmother and mother, was a time-honored tradition in my family. It will be an almost all day event, where we would spend hours talking in the steam room, dipping in various botanical-infused pools, wrap up our hair in conditioning masks and face mask to our heart’s content. (Splashing and patting almost expired milk – rich in lactic acid – onto the face and body, the genesis for ‘splash masking’ was of course part of this masking experience)

Another tradition was the renowned ‘italy towel‘, a stubbly exfoliating mitt in fluorescent yellows, pinks and greens.

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Italy Towel image from here.

A special treat was to have your full body scrubbed by a lady in the bathhouse and after 20 minutes of shedding disgusting amounts of dead skin cells, one would emerge with newly pink, soft, seal-slippery skin. Conan-esque squeals during the very brisk scrub was optional :).


Clip of Conan’s trip to the Korean bathhouse from

When I heard from a Korean beauty editor friend that there was now a ‘italy towel’ for the face, I had to try it immediately. Salon de Tte (the name being a wink to the Korean word for dead skin cells) was a sensation on Korea’s largest home shopping channels.

Unlike the ubiquitous exfoliating pads in the market, which usually came in a jar of sloshing liquid, each one-time use ‘mitt’ was neatly wrapped in a hygenic foil packette.


A perfect (and clean!) single serving

Salon de Tte was a game changer in Korea, because not only did it exfoliate and unclog pores, it also deep cleansed, even removing stubborn make up with ease. After using an eye makeup remover, I used the white side of the Salon de Tte mitt over a full face of make up.  Large balls of ‘Tte’ formed as I gently buffed my face (an action that happens as the cellulose in the mitt binds with grime, make up & dead skin cells) and after a few minutes, I was left with clean, completely refreshed skin. I then used the green side of the mitt, which is infused with botanical extracts such as fennel, basil & jasmine and lactic acid to smooth, clarify and tone the skin. Afterwards, I rinsed with a few splashes of lukewarm water and then followed with my usual skincare steps.


Removes makeup in a flash

I love to road test products while traveling, and Salon de Tte was my go-to on the plane (a quick and easy clean before applying a sheet mask) and in the hotel to swipe away the grime and pore-clogging debris of a hectic day.

It was gentle enough to use every day as both sides are made of a silky cotton that felt smooth and non-irritating on skin.

It was simply a all-in-one cleansing & exfoliating holy grail:
– A highly effective cleansing wipe
– A gently exfoliating gommage peel
– Makeup remover
– Balancing and toning pad

After a month of consistent use, my skin was brighter, more radiant, baby-soft – all without feeling tight or dry.

I now have Salon de Tte packettes tucked in my bag, my desk drawers at work, in the back of my moleskine diary and in my vanity at home. It’s my ultimate skincare must-have – unfailingly perks up dull skin, gently cleanses and decongests pores, in one multi-tasking, travel-friendly pouch. Let me know in the comments below what you think!

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