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A Look Inside the Glow Recipe x Children’s Miracle Network Partnership

The holidays aren’t complete without giving back, and neither is our holiday collection, which stars thoughtfully curated, limited-edition sets. To make the season even brighter, we’re continuing our year-long partnership with the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals during the holiday season to spread awareness, raise funds, and impact lives in a meaningful way. Plus, we’ve tapped some of the talented artists at CMN Hospitals to share their drawings, which inspired and are featured in the fruity illustrations on our limited-edition holiday kits.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is an organization whose mission is to change kids’ health to change the future; it’s a sprawling operation, with 170 member hospitals across the United States and Canada — after all, children’s health is an urgent issue both locally and globally. Through their member hospitals, CMN Hospitals treats 35,000 children each day, spanning everything from urgent emergency care to ongoing challenges like asthma and birth defects.Since the cost of treatments at children’s hospitals aren’t fully covered by Medicaid and insurance, these hospitals often rely on community support and donations to provide their essential care.

That’s why we couldn’t be more proud to share that as part of our 2023 partnership, Glow Recipe is donating $100,000 in product and $50,000 in monetary donations to CMN Hospitals. In lending our support, we can join CMN Hospitals in providing charitable care to kids across North America.

Throughout the year, we’ve supported Dance Marathons, a core fundraising program of CMN Hospitals, and are thrilled to be the official sponsor of the Dance Marathon event at the CMN Hospitals leadership conference to celebrate campus advocates. One of the largest fundraising events for CMN Hospitals is Dance Marathon, an event hosted by colleges, high schools, and other schools in the U.S; the organization gets 7% of their funding from these events alone. Through our sponsorship, we’re able to offer additional support and awareness. We’re also creating self-care moments for nurses at CMN Hospitals, since they’re essential for a caring, supportive place to heal.

And, of course, our collaboration wouldn’t be complete without working with some of CMN Hospitals’ patients firsthand. Their illustrations have served as the inspiration for our limited-edition kit packaging — which is so pretty that no wrapping paper is required, if we do say so ourselves. You’ll find the artwork on our Plum Hydration Heroes kit, the Smooth Skin Dreams kit, the Dewy Skin Goals kit, and Best of Glow Wishlist kit. We hope they infuse your skincare routine with joy and hope — and help you glow for good, too.


Glow Recipe

Dewy Skin Goals Kit


Glow Recipe

Best of Glow Wishlist Kit


Glow Recipe

Plum Hydration Heroes Kit


Glow Recipe

Smooth Skin Dreams Kit


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