6 Ways To Make Your Beauty Routine Sustainable

It’s widely understood that being more eco-friendly with our beauty routine is one way we can all make a positive difference in the environment and keep our planet clean and green. Trouble is, we’ve spent decades doing things one way, so switching gears now can feel somewhat confusing and overwhelming. But, living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to mean dumpster diving for old beauty products or sacrificing your favorite treatments in the name of the greater good. Every small change you make can have a big impact on the environment.

With that in mind, we put together a list of six easy ways for you to be more sustainable with your beauty routine. And when we say easy, we mean easy — most of them require only a minor shift that you most likely won’t even notice.

Read on to get the sustainability scoop.

Turn the water off when you wash your face
This might seem like a no-brainer, but think about how you washed your face this morning. Chances are good you left the faucet on due to habit or thinking that “it’ll only take a minute.” According to water conservation experts, leaving it running while you cleanse is equal to using about four gallons per wash. Turning it off while you de-grease your face typically uses just one gallon. Added bonus: When you turn off your water, you can take your sweet time rinsing, massaging, and lathering without the guilt of water waste.


Get creative with your used packaging
Are you one of those people who can’t resist a pretty product? Join the club: Why do you think our Glow Recipe bottles are so beautifully designed? Just because you’re done with the product though, doesn’t mean you have to be done with the jar. Give your Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask a new lease on life by using it to store your loose bobby pins. Take the Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer and repurpose it as a teeny vase for dried flowers. The possibilities really are endless when you let your creativity run free.


Ditch the towel
We know, we know — sounds like overkill. But hear us out: In addition to being something you have to throw in the washer over and over again, damp towels are a breeding ground for bacteria. Which, whenever you wipe your face, you are distributing all over your skin. Not to mention that the friction of drying with a towel can lead to increased irritation and sensitivity. As any K-Beauty follower knows, applying products to a damp face is always better, since it allows them to absorb faster and more thoroughly. Retire the towel and try to “squeegee” your face instead.

Need a little more guidance? Fortunately for you, our founders Sarah and Christine are total pros with towel-free drying. Check out this video for the step-by-step.

Become a recycling pro
At this point, recycling bottles and boxes should be second nature. However, it’s a little more complicated than just chucking them in the recycling bin and calling it a day. Did you know that in most states you can’t recycle the pumps and tops of bottles? Since the majority of recycling plants are automated with machines, if you leave those attached to the bottle, the whole thing just gets tossed because the machines don’t recognize them as recyclable. Another common mistake? Leaving on labels. The majority of adhesives used to affix labels to glass and plastic is not recyclable, so leaving on a label will automatically disqualify that product from being recycled. Do yourself a favor and read up on the recycling guidelines in your area to ensure your empties are actually getting processed.

Sustainability is important to us here at Glow Recipe, which is why all of our jars and bottles are both made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable themselves. Our cartons are made up of a blend of recycled paper that is certified free of acids and heavy metals and we only use plastic for products that can’t be housed in glass — like travel size minis, cleansers, and product spatulas. We go the extra mile because we believe our products shouldn’t be just skin friendly — they should be earth-friendly, too.


Waste not, want not
Look on the back of any beauty product and you’ll see a recommended dosage. Most serums and oils only require a few drops, while cleansers and lotions are between dime- and quarter-sized. Piling on the product isn’t only overkill, you end up going through things much faster. The less you use, the longer something lasts. It might take some adjustment if you’re used to slathering on globs of product, but it’s a quick acclimation. Pro tip: Use a jade roller to apply your favorite serums so that none of the product gets wasted on your hands. Your face will soak up the benefits and you get a nice little lymphatic massage out of it as well. And, if you do find you’ve applied too much, rub the excess into your neck and chest, that way you’re not just washing it down the drain.

Cut down on consumption
If your bathroom cabinet is cluttered with half-empty serums and essences, make a resolution that you won’t buy new ones until you use every last drop of your current beauty stash. When you commit to one product, you cut down on your overall consumption, which equals less waste overall — and less stress on your wallet.

Follow these sustainable steps and you’ll make a big difference on your environmental footprint. Let’s make every day Earth Day!

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