6 Chances to Win February’s Glow Gamechanger: the Vita Propolis Ampoule

The Vita Propolis Ampoule is February’s Glow Gamechanger– a monthly product feature highlighting a treatment that will change your skincare game forever. For a limited time, shop the Ampoule at a game-changing price here.

This month’s GG pick is OG, literally: one of the very first products curated on Glow Recipe, this little golden vial is one of those products that immediately feels like a winner when you so much as glance at it. It’s a regal-looking treatment with a golden hue, and it’s become a staple and a bestseller at GR for one key reason: it’s our secret for achieving the K-Beauty glow. You know- that effortless radiance with skin that looks like it’s lit from within. Alongside diligent skincaring, the Vita Propolis ampoule leaves skin with The Glow like nothing else we’ve tried, #seriously.

This is a well-loved, cult-fave bestseller, which means it’s a unique pick for the Glow Gamechanger spotlight. Many of you might have already fallen in love with the Propolis Ampoule! Either way, our big idea for the Month’o’Love was to share something that sparked serious heart eyes in the real eyes of all of our team members, so that we could share the love to as many people as possible!

So, we’re doing a super special tiered giveaway for this month’s Gamechanger: all you have to do is sign up for Glow Miles, our rewards program, so you can be counted among the three tiers there. We’ll be randomly selecting winners from all three Glow Miles tiers. 3 Glow Getters, 2 Glow Jetters, and 1 Glow First member will win a Vita Propolis ampoule. Visit the Glow Miles page to sign up or check in on your miles. We’ll be announcing winners via email and on our Instagram on Thursday January 9th!

Reviewer Amanda H. sums it up best: “This stuff seems like magic in a tiny bottle. It’s very lightweight and seems to absorb into the instantaneously leaving luminously smooth skin in its wake,”. The magic is, as any good magician would tell you, in the secret formula: the Vita Propolis Ampoule’s formula was meticulously designed to feed skin essential vitamins and nutrients. It’s comprised of a whopping 50% Propolis extract along with 20% concentrated multivitamins.

Propolis is a skin-saving ingredient extraordinaire that I personally bless for saving my hormonal acne prone skin, a natural anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory, and a potent source of antioxidants that helps to fight free radicals. The Vita Propolis Ampoule is like a jack of all skincare trades- something different and beautiful to all members of our team and customers. Our co-founder Christine lovingly refers to her daily usage of the Ampoule as ‘putting on her vitamins’ (a quote I’ve always found adorable and relatable). Each skin type needs that antioxidant and vitamin protection on the outside as we do on the inside, through the foods we ingest.

The Ampoule was designed to be a potent, concentrated booster. Ampoules and Essences differ in their consistency- we’re more likely to see small ‘booster’ ampoules with high percentages of actives, meant to be mixed into the routine drop by drop. Essences are typically more watery and focused on hydration and one key ingredient, such as centella or cactus. The inclusion of Centella, Rose Water, and Witch Hazel in the Ampoule’s formula are there to soothe and calm inflammation: especially sensitive or troubled complexions will find redness soothed and flakiness abated.

The powerful healing nature of Propolis, in such a high concentration, is what propelled the Ampoule into our hearts. Propolis is found in nature sealing and lining the walls of honeycombs, keeping them naturally watertight, aerated, and free of bacteria. On skin, this translates to a potent antioxidant powerhouse that fights signs of aging and photo damage. The versatile formula is a true multitasker: we like to add it to our moisturizers or serums for a boost of glow and nutrition. It can also be used to subtly strobe the cheekbones in lieu of pressed or liquid highlighter during daily makeup application. Use a drop of the Ampoule on your foundation brush or cushion puff for a glowier, smoother application (this is my favorite way to thin out heavy western foundations!), or you can pull an ultimate Skincare Goddess Move (my fave kind of goddess to be) and use 1 drop to highlight the Cupid’s bow to candlelit perfection. When mixed into creams and serums, the Propolis Ampoule concoction leaves skin looking so soft and supple, with the telltale glow of hydration and love K-Beauty is so known for.

This bestselling, best-loved ‘radiance in a bottle’ is just the ticket for dull skin days, too. My typical morning routine consists of cleansing water and a quick mixture of this and the Huxley Fresh and More Cream, gently patted into the skin for all day softness and a subtle blurring of pores and imperfections.

Shop the Essence Oil on our Glow Gamechanger page until February 28th, and let me know your thoughts and most loved ways to use this glowy concoction below and on social using #GlowGamechanger- we cannot wait to hear what you think!

Glow glow glow all day,

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